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Theme Overview

This theme provides a summary of some key existing market statistics and trend information available, in particular emphasising key market analyst sources widely used by PACS and ICT market players at present.

Quantitative statistics covering areas such as market size and spending trends are included, as well as qualitative trends impacting on the marketplace, and influencing investor sentiment. A summary of key challenges impacting on players in the PACs market is also provided.

Scope This theme is decomposed further into five subthemes:
  1. Market Size - summary of key statistics at global and region, as well as for key countries. Statistics by key PACs product areas also covered
  2. Spending Trends – summary of broad spending trends in privacy and security-related areas, focusing on the corporate market segment in particular
  3. Industry Trends – structuredsummary of key enablers and barriers in the PACs barrier (9 Forces analysis), and detailed PESTLE analysis of key security and privacy macro trends
  4. Investment Trends - assessment of existing investor trends and sentiment around emerging security and privacy technologies
  5. Domain Challenges - a summary of the priority challenge ares for innovators in the commercial PACs space
What you will learn

The statistics and trends discussed here will support innovators in understanding the key broad measurements and judgement factors necessary to assess new opportunities, and how they fit with the overall existing PACs market context.

Potential Uses

Such existing statistics and trends form a key input for justifying and assessing new PACS product and service opportunities, particularly in discussions between new innovators and potential investors. Innovators can use them to support investment arguments; investors can use such macro-level data to support judgments on new idea potential. PACS policymakers need to understand such market measurements to maximise potential that public investment is congruent to such macro trends.

More specific analysis performed by innovators on specific ideas beyond the contents of IPACSO will sit in the context of the broader measurements presented here. 


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