You consider yourself to be an innovator, coming from a research institute or department, but you're young and ambitious and you want to start your company in Cyber Security or Privacy?


Or you can just be interested in the domain for future entrepreneurial undertakings, you can start with this guidance. 

The IPACSO framework can be accessed from any possible angle, in this case we assume you're not so experienced, yet, in business and marketing. 

But that's just an assumption, you can ignore that if you don't want to. In this case you might want to continue or go immediately to IPACSO for growth and development.

As a researcher, you have been doing a lot of work on discovering the technology, process, methodologies and you have developed something unique along the way. 
Congratulations, that's great. You might have already gone to implement your work in a project, proof of concept of something of a kind. You consider it to be ready to go and make a business out of it. 

Use the Market section of the IPACSO framework to get a better understanding of the market itself, what is being bought by enterprise and end user customers, and how can you have your development being part of the value chain, or of interest in the target market 

framework    market click


Use the Tool for Value Proposition of the Business Model, the PESTLE tool and the Lean Canvas tool from the download section and try filling in the blanks. 




Do this carefully and return frequently into the questions and answers 

Next, take a look at the prior work and the competition. Maybe the solution is not so unique as you first thought. It doesn't matter yet, if you can try to position yourself rightly. 

Finally, try the Value Proposition and what your proposal for a customer will be, by testing it with some potential targetted customers. 

If you need assistance in any of these steps, contact a business advisor to guide you through the process. 


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