To the benefit of the support and coordination of Cyber Security, Privacy and Trustworthy ICT innovators, IPaCSO aims to address the following five key objectives, each of which is associated directly to the IPaCSO activities: 

  • Market analysis of the innovation process in privacy and cyber security technologies addressing
    various stakeholders. Assessing obstacles, market conditions, regulatory issues and research spectrum state
    of the art assets

  • Identification of a set of innovation framework requirements, interleaving improved innovation
    practices and case study scenarios, driven by stakeholder engagement and a validated understanding of their

  • Providing insights into how existing economic barriers to security adoption can be addressed in
    the innovation process, increasing security productand service adoption, and reflecting these insights in the
    IPACSO framework.

  • Developing and providing a structured knowledge and decision support innovation framework
    approach that is transferrable to the privacy and cyber security technologies and other ICT security
    technology domains, exploiting potential market opportunities.

  • Providing innovators in the privacy and cyber security space with a clear set of supporting materials to allow for the integration of the IPaCSO innovation framework all the while supporting improved research innovation
    activity in the space among stakeholders at European and international level.



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