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Each year in October, Europe’s most innovative and forward-thinking researchers, entrepreneurs and the CISO/ CIO- community gather in Brussels, recognizing those who are bolstering Europe’s cyber security landscape. With the awards, IPACSO supports Privacy and Cyber Security Innovations 'Made in Europe'.

Not just another 'Badge of Honor'....What makes THIS Conference Unique? 

The innovation awards (2016 will be the 3rd edition) will not provide a list of the largest, most successful or even the hottest companies in the industry. First of all, most seasoned professionals already will know the big players. Secondly, decision makers will be looking for solutions before companies to meet their security requirements; as will investors look for specific technology to invest in. This conference identifies companies that may not yet have entered Gartner’s Quadrant but that have the potential to become the next generation champions. We'll present game- changing research and innovations in the cyber security and privacy domains, solving some of the most prevalent societal and business challenges...of today and tomorrow.In addition to this, IPACSO scouts, finds and discloses state- of – the art research activities throughout Europe, leading to exciting spin- off companies and appliance of disruptive technology, working closely with Industry.

awards 2015

The IPACSO finalists of 2015: The 2015 champions were selected out of a group of no less then 30 finalists from 11 countries! These high achievers in the cyber and privacy domains included spin- off companies resulting from academic research, new exiting start-ups, exiting security & privacy entrepreneurs with new products & services, and ICT - and telco's with innovative security offerings.

Recognition from the European Commission:

The 2015 finalists and winners were congratulated personally by Mr. Jakub Boratynski, the Head of the Trust Unit, DG CONNECT, of the European Commission. Mr. Boratynski stated: " It makes me humble to be in the presence of these individuals that are setting the trend in the Cyber Security & Privacy Markets. While the European Commission invests in these types of initiatives, we are aware that this is public money that is being spent. Being here today and meeting all of you in person, is an appreciation, validation and confirmation for us. We strongly recommend each and every one of you to keep investigating for possibilities to participate in these activities"

Visiting the 2016 Conference: 
IPACSO is committed to educating companies and security professionals how to best evaluate and implement new Cyber Security and Privacy Opportunities; to inform policy makers how to best support cyber security and privacy deveopments and innovations; and to provide a platform for Cyber Security and Privacy 'Made in Europe'. The 2016 conference will take place on Thursday, 27 October in Brussels, and will bring you the latest in security & privacy research and solutions; debates between CISO's, CIO's, Innovation Clusters & Policy Makers; and an exhibition area, where the 2016 finalists will present their business cases. Participation to the conference is free of charge upon prior registration (click here)

Sponsoring the 2016 Conference:
The IPACSO Awards attracts CISO’s, CIO’s, Security Managers; as well as Europe’s most exciting and innovative companies & research institutes; and is designed to establish networking and business opportunities in cyber and privacy. Our Gold and Silver sponsorship packs will help you generate business leads, participate in networking activities and guarantee maximum visibility for your brand before, during and after the event. Please connect with IPACSO for more information.

Competing for the Award:
Are you an innovator in Cyber Security or Privacy? The IPACSO consortium challenges you to submit your business case for the 2016 edition of the awards, and promote your company as a leading innovator, and one of the best in your industry today. Innovators will be captured in IPACSO’s repository and published on the website; award finalists will get their own private company booth at the award ceremony and congress on 27 October. Note that entering this competition, or maybe even winning the award, will create huge exposure for your organization and increase your credibility in the industry, with the endorsement of a vendor neutral, international consortium, more than 300 security companies and researchers competing and attention from international press. Connect with IPACSO, request the application instructions; and who knows; we will be welcoming you on stage as one of the winners, at the award ceremony in October.


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