The list below represents a selection of privacy innovations and use cases presented to the IPACSO consortium. Please click on the titles to view the reference cases. The complete list of innovators has been exported to a database that will be published online very shortly. In the online portal, website visitors can search for innovative research and solutions in specific domains; and innovators can add their solutions and company details online to be found by companies looking for solutions

Sedicii Authentication: Authenticating users without the need to transmit or share private information
Type: Service, Product
Category: Privacy, Security
Sub-categories: Authentication, Data Protection, Identity & Access Management
Company: Sedicii, Ireland

STORRO: An application that lets you safely share and store files. Only you control where they’re placed, and who can see them
Type: Service, Product
Category: Privacy, Security
Sub-categories: Data Protection, Secure Collaboration
Company: Coblue Cyber Security, Netherlands

DocRAID® : Zero knowledge file sharing and email encryption
Type: Service, Product - Service
Category: Privacy, Security
Sub-categories: Authentication, Data Protection, Identity & Access Management, Cloud Security, Cloud Privacy
Company: ContentPro AG, Germany

HiCrypt 2.0. : Tailored encryption taking the security of your data in your own hands
Type: Product - Service
Category: Privacy, Security
Sub-categories: Authentication, Data Protection, Encryption, Identity & Access Management
Company: Digitronic computersysteme GmbH, Germany

Crypho: A (Software-as-a-Service) messaging and collaboration tool for organizations with high security requirements
Type: Service
Category: Privacy
Sub-categories: Secure Communication, Secure Collaboration
Company: Crypho, Norway

Opacity: Privacy by Design Technology, enhancing privacy and transparancy for end users
Type: Research (Spin-off Project from KU Leuven and Karlstad University)
Category: Privacy, Security
Sub-categories: Data Protection
Company: Opacity, Belgium

n-Auth: Forget about authentication tokens, transferring digits and complex user interactions. Authenticate at the snap of a single n-Auth code
Type: Research (Spin-off Project from KU Leuven)
Category: Privacy, Security
Sub-categories: Data Protection, Authentication, Mobile Security
Company: n-Auth, Belgium

These are some of the other privacy innovation cases that were presented to IPACSO. The companies below will receive a request from IPACSO to complete their registration via the online portal shortly. Are you a leading innovator in cyber security or privacy that we should add to the database? Do connect with us and make yourself known. This way we can send you the registration link once the Online Portal comes available.

Innovator Country Innovation Category Description URL
Applied   Security GmbH Germany fideAS® Data Protection, Encryption, Authentication  Encryption, digital   signatures, strong authentication, data loss prevention and secure data   transmission  
Brainwave France Brainwave Identity   GRC Data Protection Identity and access   intelligence solution, tackle fraud & data-leakage risks and achieve   sustainable compliance Here
BusinessForensics Netherlands BusinessForensics Privacy, Intelligence Tailored   dissemination of information to meet privacy requirements Here
CenterTools Germany DriveLock Data protection Multi layered data   security and effective user rights management to prevent data leakage and   data loss Here
Coblue   Cybersecurity B.V. Netherlands STORRO Data Protection, Secure Collaboration Securely share, adapt   and save your files anytime, anywhere Here
ContentPro AG   (DocRAID) Netherlands DocRAID® Data Protection, Secure Collaboration Secure file sharing   and email encryption made easy Here
Cryptovision Germany Cryptovision Data Protection, Cryptography Leading specialist   for cryptography and electronic identity solutions Here
Cybernetica Estonia Sharemind Data Protection Sharing and   processing confidential data while remaining data owners control Here
delITad NV Belgium delITad Privacy Officer Privacy Helpdesk   & Pooling system Here
Digitronic   computer systems GmbH Germany HiCrypt™ 2.0 Data Protection Tailored encryption   taking the security of your data in your own hands!
Ercom France CRYPTOSMART Data Protection, Mobile High Level Mobile   Security on High end Commercial Available Smartphones & tablets Here
GhostMail Switzerland Ghostmail Data Protection, Secure Communications, Collaboration, Secure email Free military   encrypted and self-destructing email accounts Here
IDECSI France IDECSI Data Protection, Secure Communications, Collaboration, Secure email Continuous protection   24/7 for important email accounts Here
ILEX-INTERNATIONAL France Mobile SSO Data protection, IAM, Mobile Strong   authentication, access control and Single Sign-On on mobile devices Here
Ixquick -   Startmail Netherlands StartMail Data Protection, Email Privacy Take Back Your Email   Privacy, an alternative for 'free' email services Here
N- auth Belgium n-Auth Cryptography, end user privacy Spin-off KU Leuven.   State-of-the-Art cryptography providing highest level of security and   end-user privacy Here
Opacity Belgium Opacity Privacy by Design Privacy by Design   Technology, enhancing both privacy and transparancy for end users Here
Netheos France eKeynox Data Protection, encryption  Provider of   encryption software and solutions Here
OpenTrust France OpenTrust Trusted   Identities Data protection The inventor of   Cloud-based signature with certificates produced on-the-fly and of offline   signature Here
Pradeo France Trust Revealing™ Data protection, mobile apps Static and dynamic behavioral analysis   engine dedicated to private apps and public/commercial third apps Here
PrimeKey   Solutions AB Sweden EJBCA Enterprise PKI Developer of the most   downloaded open source enterprise PKI  
Prim'X   Technologies France New Generation   Encryption Software Data Protection,  encryption Software that uses   the "on-the-fly encryption" technique and based on a low level file   access interception technology Here
Qiy Foundation Netherlands Qiy Scheme Privacy    
Rohde &   Schwarz SIT GmbH Germany   Data Protection, encryption  High-performance   encryption and IT security products and solutions  
SecurIT Belgium TrustBuilder Identity   Hub Data protection, IAM Smart Bridging of the   Identity Cloud: Managing User Identities in today's distributed world Here
Sedicii   Innovations Ltd Ireland Sedicii Data Protection Patented technology   that eliminates the need to transmit or store private information Here
Silent Circle   - Blackphone Switzerland Blackphone Secure communications Blackphone private   mobile communications  
Sirrix AG   Security Technologies Germany CryptoGateway Secure communications Combines secure   mobile communications with existing land line devices based on VoIP or ISDN   technology  
SurfRight Netherlands HitmanPro Privacy HitmanPro - a   software designed to detect and remove spyware and malware.  
Tanker France TANKER Privacy Data encryption for   SaaS & Cloud applications Here
TheGreenBow France TheGreenBow Privacy TheGreenBow certified   VPN client qualified for NATO restricted use  
TrulyProtect Finland   Privacy    
UM-Labs UK   Privacy    
Vade Retro   Technology France   Privacy The graymail   specialist. Bulk emails classification, subsciption management and email   security  
Wallix France   Privacy Manage and monitor   priviliged access  

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