The privacy and security marketplace has a number of unique characteristics; where many opportunities can be outwardly esoteric and intangible, and where trusting, yet complex relationships and synergies between different commercial value chain players are needed, particularly for example where privacy and security technology innovations are embedded in generalist IT solutions. How security services and products combine to address different product, process and service innovation types within this domain is of integral importance. While consultancy-based security processes are needed to ensure correct implementation of privacy and security controls among end users to handle “low -hanging” security issues, they must also be supported by complex technology solutions at other security layers. Understanding how such technology and service elements can interact is key to bringing product-focused innovations to market effectively, as well as discovering improved service and process innovation approaches within the space. The wider technology management and innovation research perspective brings a vast array of framework alternatives and underlying principles that are applicable to PACS innovation challenges, similar (yet uniquely different) to any other technology market domains.

Even agreeing to a large extend that innovation is not so much something that can be learned from the book, there are many excellent Theoretical Models and Methodologies that have proven their value for many business practioners. Our aim is to have our Innovation Framework for PAC's to be relying on both theoretical models and practical implementation.

While much information around innovation exists, the challenge of developing effective innovation practice within organisations or commercial partnerships, and empowering domain stakeholders with better ways of leveraging that information effectively has yet to be solved.

The following standard innovation models can serve as a starting point, for discussions and for application. The IPaCSO project aims to collaborate with its stakeholder community (Privacy and Security Innovators) to jointly discover and improve the innovation processes applied. 

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