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The products theme contains all steps that deal with getting a fundable idea that has been approved during the portfolio management activity to market.

The Products Theme is broadly divided into three subthemes delineated by filters, which make sure that products that hit a brick wall somewhere in the process implied by the Product Theme are consequently abandoned:

Project Planning

This subtheme is concerned with developing and implementing a project management process and methodology to guide the process of transforming concepts throughout the remainder of the innovation value chain lifecycle. Once an appropriate project management methodology has been chosen, it should be adapted to the requirements of the organization that will be using it.

Product Elaboration

The product elaboration theme itself is an iterative theme and reflects the activities and stages that will turn the concept towards actual market-ready product/service. The steps in this subtheme are specifically meant to be executed in an iterative fashion. At the end of each iteration there is an implementation gate, so that the product can be killed off if necessary.


In the exploitation sub-theme, activities related towards positioning the marketing and selling the product/service under development  and incorporates a range of activities including but not limited to supply chain, production, distribution, sales and marketing and product lifecycle management.


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