The list below represents a selection of security innovations and use cases presented to the IPACSO consortium. Please click on the titles to view the reference cases. The complete list of innovators has been exported to a database that will be published online very shortly. In the online portal, website visitors can search for innovative research and solutions in specific domains; and innovators can add their solutions and company details online to be found by companies looking for solutions

Blindspotter: A real-time, user behaviour analytics tool that analyses user activities and identifies suspicious events occurring throughout IT systems
Type: Product - Service
Category: Security
Sub-categories: Security Monitoring, User Behaviour Analytics
Company: Balabit, Luxembourg - Hongary

Cyber Threat Profiler: Real- time risk assessment of cyber-attacks
Type: Product - Service
Category: Security
Sub-categories: Cyber Threat Intelligence, Risk Management, Governance
Company: CyberLytic, UK

IriusRisk : Assess & Respond to Application Security Risks during Design; Monitor Countermeasure Progress & Test Results Continuously
Type: Service, Product - Service
Category: Security
Sub-categories: Application Security
Company: Continuum Security, Spain

CSI- Tools : Access Governance of SAP environments
Type: Service, Product - Service
Category: Security
Sub-categories: SAP Security, Governance, Identity & Access Management
Company: CSI Tools, Belgium

EclecticIQ: Intelligence Powered Defense
Type: Product - Service
Category: Security
Sub-categories: Cyber Threat Intelligence
Company: EclecticIQ, Netherlands

Turris Project: Protecting User Home Networks
Type: Research
Category: Security, Privacy
Sub-categories: Data Protection, Malware Protection
Contacts for clients, press and partners:
CZ.NIC Association, Czech Republic

Sharemind : Sharing & Processing Data while maintaining data owner's control
Type: Service, Product - Service
Category: Security, Privacy
Sub-categories: Data Protection, Secure Collaboration
Company: Cybernetica, Estonia

These are some of the other security innovation cases that were presented to IPACSO. The companies below will receive a request from IPACSO to complete their registration via the online portal shortly. Are you a leading innovator in cyber security or privacy that we should add to the database? Do connect with us and make yourself known. This way we can send you the registration link once the Online Portal comes available.

Abatis UK Abatis Industrial   Access Control Access Control Access Control   systems that help deter, detect and document access in and out of premises Here
Acuity Risk   Management UK STREAM GRC Technology and   services for GRC management and reporting Here
ANUBIS   Networks Portugal CYBERFEED Threath Intelligence Subscription based   service providing Realtime intelligence datafeeds, pre-processed for   relevance and scope Here
Applied   Security GmbH Germany fideAS® Encryption, authentication Encryption, digital   signatures, strong authentication, data loss prevention and secure data   transmission  
ausecus GmbH Germany ISMS & Process   Control Systems Security ICS - Industrial Control Security Security solutions   for the manufacturing industry and for critical infrastructures (Industrial   Control Systems)  
BalaBit Belgium Blindspotter Advanced monitoring Real-time, user   behaviour analytics tool Here
Becrypt UK tVolution Mini Secure Desktop The portable secure   desktop, allowing Secure Remote Working from Managed Machines Here
Brainwave France Brainwave Identity   GRC Identity & Access Management Identity and access   intelligence solution, tackle fraud & data-leakage risks and achieve   sustainable compliance Here
BRI-Business   Risk Intelligence GmbH Netherlands BRI Business Risk   Intelligence Threath Intelligence Intelligence Alert & Risk Management Service. FORE-WARNED IS FORE-ARMED Here
BusinessForensics Netherlands BusinessForensics Threath Intelligence, Advanced Monitoring - SIEM Tailored   dissemination of information Here
CenterTools Germany DriveLock Data Security Multi layered data   security and effective user rights management to prevent data leakage and   data loss Here
Ciptor Sweden Ciptor Mobile Security Platform that allows   you to build your own security for mobile devices and data, without the needs   to program Here
Citicus   limited UK Citicus ONE Security, Risk & Compliance Management Award-winning   software for managing security, risk and compliance Here
Coblue   Cybersecurity B.V. Netherlands STORRO Secure Collaboration Securely share, adapt   and save your files anytime, anywhere Here
Compumatica Netherlands Compumatica S-BYOD   system Secure Bring Your Own Device - BYOD Secure - Bring Your   Own Device (S-BYOD) Here
ContentPro AG   (DocRAID) Netherlands DocRAID® Encryption, Secure Collaboration Secure file sharing   and email encryption made easy Here
Continuum   Security Spain IriusRisk Application Security Automated   architectural risk analysis and threat modeling Here
Covertix Netherlands SmartCipher™ Security Data-centric   security, adding persistent control and detailed visibility. Control & protect confidential information while in motion, at rest, anywhere. Here
Crypho Norway Crypho Secure Collaboration Messaging and   collaboration tool for organizations with high security
Crypteia   Networks Greece MOREAL Threath Intelligence Threat Intelligence   Platform: Monitoring, reporting, alerting. In realtime  
Cryptomathic Denmark Cryptomathic Cryptography, Secure Banking Security systems for   eBanking, PKI, ID & ePassport, card issuing, advanced key management and   managed cryptography Here
Cryptovision Germany Cryptovision Cryptography, online identity Leading specialist   for cryptography and electronic identity solutions Here
CSI Tools Belgium CSI-Tools Identity & Access Management, SAP Security Access Governance of   SAP environments Here
CSIS Security   Group Denmark CSIS eCrime Solutions Cyber Threath Intelligence, Security Monitoring, CERT Secure DNS, Threat   Detection and Home User Solutions, Commercial CSIRT Services for clients   & government Here
Cyberlytic UK     Cyber
Threath Intelligence, Risk Assessment Real-time risk   assessment of cyber attacks Here
Cybernetica Estonia Sharemind Secure Collaboration Sharing and   processing confidential data while remaining data owners control Here
Cyberwatch France Cyberwatch Minitoring, Detection Automated detection   and fixing of IT- vulnerabilities Here
CZ.NIC   Association Czech Republic TURRIS project Monitoring, threath intelligence Protecting   user home networks Here
DataExpert Netherlands Forensics &   Ediscovery Security Forensics &   Ediscovery solutions Here
delITad NV Belgium delITad Privacy Privacy Helpdesk   & Pooling system Here
DenyAll France Next generation   application security Application Security EU Software Vendor,   specialized in application security since the late 90's Here
Digitronic   computer systems GmbH Germany HiCrypt™ 2.0 Encryption, data security Tailored encryption   taking the security of your data in your own hands!
Egidium   Technologies France ISAP - 3D Situational   Awareness Platform Threath Intelligence, Monitoring, Detection, Situational Awareness Award- winning   solutions, applying the military concept of situational awareness to security   management Here
Encode Greece Enorasys Monitoring, Detection & Incident Response Security Analytics   & Response Orchestration platform for early warning and adaptive response   capabilities Here
Enigmedia Spain Enigmedia Secure   Communications Encryption New encryption   technology able to encrypt kind of data 20 times faster than current   worldwide standard Here
Ercom France CRYPTOSMART Mobile Security High Level Mobile   Security on High end Commercial Available Smartphones & tablets Here
ESNC Germany ESNC Sap Security   Suite Application Security - SAP Security Dedicated Security   Solutions for SAP applications Here Ireland Evident Security   Platform Cloud Security Cloud Infrastructure   Security for AWS - Security and Compliance Automation Here
EyeRa Israel EyeRa ICS- Industrial Control Systems Security, SCADA Security Next generation SCADA   SECURITY Here
G DATA Germany G DATA USB Keyboard   Guard Desktop Security, malware protection Protection againts   USB devices that pretend to be keyboards Here
GeoLang   Holdings Ltd UK Ascema Data protection, content protection Protects content, not   just documents.Named UK's Most Innovative Cyber Security Company 2015 by   TechUK Here
GhostMail Switzerland Ghostmail Encryption, data protection Free military   encrypted and self-destructing email accounts Here
Guardsquare Belgium ProGuard &   DexGuard Mobile Security, Application Security Mobile Application   Protection Here
IDECSI France IDECSI Data protection, data security, privacy Continuous protection   24/7 for important email accounts Here
IdTopIQ Netherlands Confidential Security Confidential Here
ILEX-INTERNATIONAL France Mobile SSO Identity & Access Management, Mobile Devices Strong   authentication, access control and Single Sign-On on mobile devices Here
Intelworks Netherlands Intelworks Cyber Threath Intelligence Connecting and   interpreting intelligence from a diversity of sources, supporting cyber   intelligence experts Here
Intrinsic-ID Netherlands Saturnus® Security   Framework Application Security Saturnus® Security Framework, framework for developing secure and convenient mobile and desktop applications Here
Inwebo France Inwebo Security   Beyond Passwords Authentication A Single Place For   Web, Mobile & Cloud Authentication Here
itWatch GmbH Germany DeviceWatch Endpoint Security Endpoint Security -   centralized management of interfaces and devices Here
Ixquick -   Startmail Netherlands StartMail Data Protection Take Back Your Email   Privacy, an alternative for 'free' email services Here
Kahuna Netherlands Kahuna Abusedesk Threath Intelligence, Monitoring, Detection AbuseDesk Solution   for Internet Service Providers: Automated Detection, evaluation & client   solution process Here
N- auth Belgium n-Auth Data Protection Spin-off KU Leuven.   State-of-the-Art cryptography providing highest level of security and   end-user privacy Here
Opacity Belgium Opacity Data Protection Privacy by Design   Technology, enhancing both privacy and transparancy for end users Here
Lexsi France Lexsi Threat Defense   Center Threat Intelligence SaaS platform that   allows Lexsi to deliver 24/7 Threat Intelligence services Here
Link11   GmbH Germany Link11 DDoS   Protection Botnet Protection Self-engineered   multi-award winning filter technology to protect against Botnets Here
Liopa UK Liopa Authentication, Biometrics A NEW BIOMETRIC   VERIFICATION SOLUTION Here
Lumeta UK Lumeta ESI Monitoring, Detection, Analytics Network discovery,   leak path detection, visualization, and cyber-security analytics Here
Napatech Denmark Napatech Pandion Monitoring, Detection, Threat Intelligence Fast, reliable   out-of-the-box engine for real-time capture, indexing and search of network   data Here
Nasdaq Bwise Netherlands BWise GRC Software GRC Multiple role-based   solutions for Risk Management, Control, Audit, Compliance, Policy Management   and GRC Here
Neon Century   limited UK Cyber Threat   Intelligence Threat Intelligence, Digital Investigations Cyber Threat   Intelligence aimed at identifying the 'who' could attack your network Here
NEOWAVE, SAS France Weneo IDentity Identity & Access Management Smart Object solution   for the enterprise: a single pass offering logical and physical access   control  
Netheos France eKeynox Encryption Provider of   encryption software and solutions Here
Nviso Belgium NVISO ApkScan Monitoring, Malware Protection Free of charge   Android malware scanner, containing static and dynamic analysis components Here
Olfeo France Content filtering   software vendor Data protection Global player with a   local approach, adapting to specific PACS local environment Here
OpenTrust France OpenTrust Trusted   Identities Identity The inventor of   Cloud-based signature with certificates produced on-the-fly and of offline   signature Here
OZON.IO France OZON Infrastructure protection Cloud platform that   integrate several innovative security technologies working in synergy Here
PKI Partners Netherlands   PKI    
Pradeo France Trust Revealing™ Application Security Pradeo Trust Revealing™: A static and dynamic behavioral analysis engine dedicated to private apps and public/commercial third party mobile apps downloaded from App Stores Here
PrimeKey   Solutions AB Sweden EJBCA Enterprise PKI Developer of the most   downloaded open source enterprise PKI  
Prim'X   Technologies France New Generation   Encryption Software Encryption Software that uses   the "on-the-fly encryption" technique and based on a low level file   access interception technology Here
Prove &   Run France ProvenTools Application Security, Secure Software Development Software development   toolchain to raise the quality & security of clients' software   development projects Here
Qiy Foundation Netherlands Qiy Scheme Privacy    
Qosmos France   Monitoring view into network   traffic on the market today, with thousands of protocols and metadata   attributes  
Quotium France   Application Security automated   technologies to make business applications secure and robus  
Radically Open   Security B.V. Netherlands   Security Non-profit,   idealistic bunch of security researchers passionate about making the world   more secure.  
RedSocks Netherlands RedSocks Malware   Threat Defender Threat Intelligence, malware protection Intelligence-based   egress monitoring: Translating intelligence into state-of-the-art malware   detection Here
Regify Luxembourg Regichat® Secure collaboration Regichat®, the   registered business chat with digital notary service Here
RepKnight UK RepKnight Threat Intelligence, Security Analytics Platform that ensures   analysts get faster visibility of the data relevant to them in a more   user-friendly format  
Riscure Netherlands Riscure Inspector Embedded Security Security of chips and   devices by using thorough and inventive testing to discover security   weaknesses  
Rohde &   Schwarz SIT GmbH Germany   Encryption High-performance   encryption and IT security products and solutions  
Rosberg System   AS Norway VERJI Mobile Security Protecting you   against SMS based attacks, including silent SMS Here
Saxion-Trijntje   van Dijk Netherlands   Mobile Security, IAM Mobile devices - A   decision support system for policy, roles, responsibilities & risk   mitigation instructions Here
Seclab France SecLab Critical Infra Protection Protecting critical   infrastructures  
Secunia Denmark   Monitoring Secunia Information   Security, Software and Alerts  
SecurIT Belgium TrustBuilder Identity   Hub Identity & Access Management Smart Bridging of the   Identity Cloud: Managing User Identities in today's distributed world Here
Sedicii   Innovations Ltd Ireland Sedicii Data Protection Patented technology   that eliminates the need to transmit or store private information Here
SentryBay UK   Mobile Security, IOT Security Creative technologies   for PC, Mobile & IoT  
Sentryo France ICS Cybervision ICS Security, Industrial Control Systems Security, Industrial Internet Security Cyber Awareness for   the Industrial Internet - New solution to protect industrial networks. Here
Silent Circle   - Blackphone Switzerland Blackphone Mobile Security, Secure Collaboration, Secure Communications Blackphone private   mobile communications  
Silobreaker UK Network Search Monitoring Real Time network   visualization to discover patterns, connections and new topics  
Sirrix AG   Security Technologies Germany CryptoGateway Mobile Security, Secure Communications Combines secure   mobile communications with existing land line devices based on VoIP or ISDN   technology  
Smoothwall UK Smoothwall Data Protection, anti malware Intelligent Web   Filtering Solutions and Next-Generation Firewalls with BYOD support  
SpamTitan Ireland SpamTitan Anti malware Sophisticated   enterprise-level and SME email security solutions  
SurfRight Netherlands HitmanPro Malware, data protection HitmanPro - a   software designed to detect and remove spyware and malware.  
Swivel Secure UK SwivelSecure Authentication Authentication   platform with a new Approach to Risk, Cloud & IoT  
Tanker France TANKER Encryption, Data Protection Data encryption for   SaaS & Cloud applications Here
Tetrane France REVEN® Application Security REVEN® technology: Analysis of binary executables, either for helping security experts in their reverse-engineering tasks or for helping developers who may need advanced debugging  
TheGreenBow France TheGreenBow Data Protection TheGreenBow certified   VPN client qualified for NATO restricted use  
Threadstone   Cyber Security Netherlands ThreadScan Monitoring, Malware detection Cloud - and   subscription based malware scanner Here
Titania UK   Security    
TrulyProtect Finland   Privacy    
TrustInSoft France   Security    
UM-Labs UK UM-Labs Security Cloud Based security   solution for VoIP and UC applications Here
UM-Labs UK   Privacy    
Unomaly Sweden   Security    
Vade Retro   Technology France   Privacy The graymail   specialist. Bulk emails classification, subsciption management and email   security  
Votiro Israel VOTIRO SECURED Security Spear-Phishing   Protection Service that sanitizes files attached to email messages coming   into your network Here
Wallix France   Privacy Manage and monitor   priviliged access  
XLAB Research Slovenia XLAB Device Monitor Security Monitoring and   reporting malicious events on your Android device Here


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