IPaCSO is targetting activities mainly to ICT Security Industry Innovators, more in particular to companies focused on innovating in the Cyber Security and Privacy domains. Those are already broad domains, but since the assumption is that most of the relevant findings will be equally applicable to other ICT Security and Trustworthy ICT Innovations, those are of interest as well. 

IPaCSO aims to offer : 

  • a knowledge resource, providing access to innovation models, frameworks, methodologies on innovation and related, sources of useful information, targetted to our industry
  • a source of market information, industry acceptable sources of information to guide your future development plans in terms of current and future market opportunities, which are relevant and sensible to the wider community
  • access to ICT Security research and researchers, by reaching out to both academia and industry, IPaCSO coordinates bringing together both worlds with a joint interest to innovate
  • a series of approaches that can be generalized across the industry, in order for non-ICT Security industry stakeholders (such as customers and investors), to get a common ground of understanding, making it easier and more sensible to differentiate, eg the IPaCSO Innovation Framework 
  • access to brokers and business support organisations, per country and throughout Europe
  • promotional activities for selected Cyber Security and Privacy innovations in Europe, building reference cases and creating public awareness with Privacy and Cyber Security Innovation Awards
  • public gatherings, bringing together experts of all domains, on business innovations and ICT Security, fostering discussions and supporting the interactions between the different communities
  • educational support by means of Boot Camps, a combination of promoting the PAC's (Privacy and Cyber Security) Innovation Framework, bringing together experts of both domains (innovation support and ICT security), and having interactive discussions on incentives, challenges and allowing for open innovation 
  • a community of ICT Security Industry innovators, support organizations, VC's, public institutions representatives, ... with an interest in innovating in the Privacy and Cyber Security, and ICT Security landscape
  • ...


If you are part of the ICT Security Industry or related, and you would like to participate in IPaCSO, with any or more of the following objectives in mind, please make sure you reach out to us in order to become involved and join our activities.


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