IPACSO for business development - growing security companies

Your company has already been around for some time. You have an existing client based, a product and services portfolio, a group of experienced people within your company and you are looking to expand. 


If you are a company already active in the ICT domain, ICT Security domain or Cyber Security and Privacy domain, you might want to consider new approaches in your innovation development. 

Developing new security products in known markets, or starting to offer existing products into other markets can be considered using the market modes. 

Some tools and techniques from the Ideas parts of the Innovation Framework have proven useful for existing companies trying to expand. 

framework Ideas


Existing companies have used the 180 Degree and Scamper Tool in their process of assessing which technologies or functionalities to further focus on in their developments, instead of their known methodologies, such as plain brainstorming or discussions with customers.

These tools can be found on the Innovation Framework Tools part of the Top Menu. 






If you are unfamiliar with the market of Cyber Security or Privacy, you can find information to get you started, on the market itself, its dynamics, the underlying business models and some of the identified gaps, based upon market research and academic research. 

framework market click


Under Science and Technology, some of the recent developments can be found in different markets. 

Science Technology


Under Trends & Challenges, some of the recent market developments can be found. 

trends challenges



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