The IPaCSO project is building activities towards a series of milestones to which industry participants, academia, business innovation support and others are cordially invited to participate in: 

  • reaching out to Privacy and Cyber Security Innovators and innovation communities, our main stakeholders
  • building an Advisory Board, consisting out of industry and academic representatives
  • an assessment of the industry and regulatory environment in Privacy and Cyber Security 
  • development of an innovation framework for PACs related companies
  • an economic incentives guideline, supported by the stakeholders
  • integrating into the research communities, supporting them from a perspective of driving research towards innovation development and business development 
  • publication and wider distribution of the results and materials via business partners, business networks and innovation support brokers

If you would consider that any of the above steps or related could be advantageous to your situation, or if you consider you would be able to support the development, we welcome your participation as an identified stakeholder. We will be happy to take you on board as a Privacy, Cyber Security or ICT Security / Trustworthy ICT innovator. This way, we will be able to promote some of your innovative activities into a wider market. 

Please reach out to us by filling in our contact form. 

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