Innovation framework for ict security
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European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards 2015

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Award Winner CRYPHO

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Single Point of Entry for European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovations:
The IPACSO consortium has had the honor to identify, work with, and support companies and researchers that either have or are likely to produce the majority of radical technical innovations in cyber and privacy. These innovations have been captured our online repository, that will be converted into a search - database very shortly. In the online portal, website visitors can search for innovative research and solutions in specific domains; and innovators can add their solutions and company details online to be found by companies looking for solutions.

The high achievers in the database will include:
1.Spin- off companies resulting from state-of-the-art academic research
2.New exiting start- ups
3.Seasoned security & privacy entrepreneurs with new products & services
4.Disruptive applied research and innovation projects
5.ICT - and Telco's with integrated innovative security offerings

The database will include per each innovation:
1.Segmentation in Product-Service-Research, Privacy and Security and subcategories
2.The main problem that the innovation perceives to solve (Market Opportunity)
3.The Solution (Value Proposition)
4.The Key Differentiators
5.The Underlying Technology (‘The Magic’)
6.Team Members and Experience (Competences)
7.Company Details

For a selection of privacy innovations click here
For an overview of security innovations click here
To be included in the repository please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make yourself known

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