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Category: Privacy, Security
Sub-categories: Data Protection, Secure Collaboration

STORRO: An application that lets you safely share and store files. Only you control where they’re placed, and who can see them

Our working environments are more dynamic than ever. So in order to collaborate we demand that our files move with us, wherever we go. The cloud seems to be the solution. But the downside is that that one has no control over where exactly its data is located, and who else can access it there…In fact, if there’s one thing the Snowden revelations and numerous hacks of cloud services over the past years have made clear, it is that the cloud’s client server model is in its root not safe: it is structurally vulnerable to outside attacks and not set up to be fully private.

Solution (Value Proposition)
If you do want your confidential information to come only in the hands of those for whom it is intended, then there is Storro. Storro is an application that lets you safely share and store files. Only you control where they’re placed, and who can see them. In seconds you create secure spaces to collaborate with colleagues and external parties -without additional IT support. The unique thing about Storro is that your files are not located at third parties, nor do they have access. Only you and the people you authorize have the keys, and no-one else. Not even us!

Key Differentiators:
Storro differentiates with current alternatives on many levels. To name a few: It is secure-by-design, built around advanced cryptography, the decryption keys are only in possession of the data owner(s), decentralized storage (peer-to-peer network, instead of the more vulnerable client server model) and cryptographically secured management of user authorisation. The combination of Storro’s compartmentalization, encryption and decentralization makes attacks with relevant results for the perpetrator virtually impossible. Also permanent audit trails and auto back-up are included as standard, preventing accidents and abuse. The main benefits are that your data is safe (security) and cannot be looked into by anyone other than those you authorize (privacy), resulting in increased peace of mind and more focus for other things. Storro will be available as a 3 month Trial version (free), a Pro subscription (€10/month/user) and the Elite subscription (€10/month/user). This is comparable to most cloud services, but one gets a far superior product. All big cloud suppliers face a huge privacy problem: the US Patriot Act. As most of their data storage is located in the US, all content falls under US legislation meaning the American government can go through your stuff without asking. This poses a significant threat to foreign (e.g. European) companies. Storro provides the ultimate solution by letting the user choose where it stores its data (next to the fact that we don’t have a copy of de data owner’s keys for data access to begin with). With Storro, you are in control!

Supporting Technology (the 'magic')
So how does it work? In short: compartmentalisation, encryption and decentralisation. What this means is that Storro cuts your files into pieces, encrypts every particle separately and then stores them scattered over a network of locations you trust. For instance on the devices of you and your team members. The result is that your files are not located at any third party, so you have full control. Storro offers unprecedented protection by encrypting every bit of data separately, as well as the many connections used for transportation and the physical locations you choose for storage. On these locations Storro automatically makes an encrypted, virtual drive that –together with the data on it- becomes invisible after the application is shut down. Furthermore, the management of user authorisation –one of the main weaknesses of existing solutions- is cryptographically secured. Of course you can easily manage the access to your files, see who modified what and return to previous versions of files at all times. In this manner the back-up of your data is also taken care of. It goes without saying that the information in each location is synchronized automatically, so that you and your team are always up-to-date. The control Storro gives directly results in increased information (thus business) security, while it takes work off your hands. So that’s a win-win! From now on you can rest assured that your files only come in the hands of those for who they are intended. The award winning technical framework behind Storro was developed by Coblue on request of the Dutch government and private sector. Developing Storro, Coblue have used the Lean Startup method in order to come to a minimum viable product. Not only is quick income generation (ROI) a factor in play for any small/medium business; it also delivers superior products, fully in sync with demands through frequent interaction with different parties in the market place (end users, resellers, captains of industry, etc.). Main tools in developing Storro have been Git(Lab), Qt, GDB, Clang and MXE (not the drug…). Main methodologies for ideation and product management activities have been business interviews, several ‘captains of industry’ meetings, Concept Writing and UX process iteration.

Team Experience

Coblue STORRO Remco Bloemen 2

Remco Bloemen, CTO
- Experienced high performance software developer
- Education in mathematics, physics, business administration and logic (partly at the University of Cambridge)
- Creative thinker, strong analytical skills
- Mathematical world record holder calculating Khinchin's constant (fivefold improvement)

Coblue STORRO Michel Eppink 2

Michel Eppink, CPO
- Former lead developer of software solutions integrating project management, email, chat and VoIP
- Degree in Information and Communication Technology
- Passion for User Interfaces

Coblue STORRO Yori Kamphuis 2

Yori Kamphuis, CBDO
- World Economic Forum Global Shaper who specializes in Cybersecurity and Geopolitics. Dutch Futurist of the Year 2013, passion for exponential technologies
- Degrees in Geopolitics & Cybersecurity at King's College London, Graduate Studies Executive Program from Singularity University in Silicon Valley
- A car accident in 2007 causing resuscitation and brain surgery has sparked his desire to enjoy life and excel

Coblue STORRO Friso Stoffer 3

Friso Stoffer, CFO
- Follows his curiosity and desire for new experiences and learning opportunities
- Academic background in Financial Engineering (MSc with honours), Business Administration (BSc with honours), Theol­ogy, and Electrical Engineering
- Has worked several years for an advisory firm in Boston and for Bain & Company in Brussels

Coblue STORRO Daniel Weststeijn 2

Daniel Weststeijn, MSO
- Runner, adventurer and marketeer. Always on the lookout for a challenge
- Previously worked with TomTom, ABN Amro, a private equity firm in Ethiopia and Bosch GmbH
- Specialties include international marketing/communication and product development

We also have a team of great developers not mentioned here, but equally important in reaching the level of quality and ground breaking technologies we aim for

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Coblue Cybersecurity B.V.
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Thales NL High Tech Campus
P.O. Box 42 7550 GD
Hengelo (ov) The Netherlands

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