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DocRAID® : Zero knowledge file sharing and email encryption

Cloud services are a business imperative, but the number one reason for European companies not to embrace the cloud, are data privacy issues. Mass surveilance, cyber attacks and online industrial espionage are real. The market for enterprise and consumer file synchronization and sharing across multiple devices is dominated by Dropbox style service. The need is evidenced by some 2 billion estimated users on these services. However, the number one reason for European companies not to embrace these cloud services, are data privacy issues. Mass surveilance, cyber attacks and online industrial espionage are real. The Snowden revelations have further increased sensitivity for secure cloud services, especially when sharing sensitive documents across teams, customers, companies, countries.

Solution (Value Proposition)
DocRAID® delivers maximum information protection in cloud environments while maintaining full control of your data, functionality, transparency and user friendliness. Use cloud storage, email, exchange and other cloud services with confidence. DocRAID® is a highly secure enterprise file sharing solution, storage-agnostic and decentralized. Enforcing data security, access, and availability is central when sharing information in Dropbox-style services, at multiple endpoints, for data at rest and in transit. DocRAID® solves the problem of loss of data control, business data leaks and cyber attacks for business-relevant and private data. DocRAID® enables enterprises, institutions, IT service providers, Telcos, mobile operators, device manufacturers, small teams and private individuals to rapidly launch branded secure file sync-and-share services. DocRAID® deploys commodity cloud storages, on-premise, off-premise and hybrid storages. DocRAID® provides desktop as well as mobile apps for a familiar file-sharing and collaboration experience.
Encryption won't suffice to protect your data in the cloud. DocRAID® combines encryption, fragmentation and redundant distribution to multiple storages for future proof security. Even if backdoors or flaws in encryption standards are found in the future, your data will stay save. DocRAID® is storage agnostic - use any storage, anywhere. The customer stays always in control of storage location, zero knowledge policy. Security scales over a wide range - from low to very high, from national to international, ISO 27001, BDSG, BSI. Unlike plain encryption DocRAID® supports all security dimensions: Availability, Integrity, Authenticity. DocRAID® protects your data in transit and at rest. Maximum security won't help to protect your data if it is non practical. Thus DocRAID® integrates with your web browser, file explorer, Microsoft Outlook and any mobile device. DocRAID® will completely integrate into your processes.

Key Differentiators:
Contrary to existing file sharing services DocRAID® shows the following differentiators: Front end and process integration: DocRAID® integrates into your file explorer, web browser, mobile devices and Microsoft Outlook® for easy and effective email encryption. No app installation needed, no maintenance needed. Technical: DocRAID offers maximum data protection through fragmentation, encryption and redundant distribution of the file fragments. Real zero knowledge policy: We know nothing about your data because we never see your keys. Separation of content and operation Organizational: direct mapping to ISO 27001, ISMS, BSI basic protection and others. Jurisdictional: spreading of data across countries and across jurisdictions will increase the protection level, e.g. against 'patriot act' style legislations. DocRAID® is on the way to become the first certified (common criteria by German Federal Agency for information protection) file share solution on the market. Awards and media: DocRAID® has received multiple awards award, e.g. by: SAP, Siemens, Bayer, Volkswagen, Empolis, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Supporting Technology (the 'magic')
Dropbox style file share services have been found to be easily compromised and an easy target for mass surveillance and industrial espionage. DocRAID® is a highly secure, zero knowledge and yet easy to use file share and collaboration platform. The DocRAID® frontend can easily be accessed by any web browser or is integrated into your file explorer as a drive or into Microsoft Outlook® for email encryption. For deeper customization DocRAID® offers a REST api, e.g. to support industrial 4.0 applications and machine to machine communication. The DocRAID® backend works decentralized, distributed and with built-in RAID functionality. There is no single-point-of-failure, no single-point-of-attack and a zero-knowledge policy. Encryption keys are only accessible to the user, not to the operator. DocRAID® works storage agnostic, i.e. use any storage you like, e.g. distributed data centers, mobile USB storages or even attach your favorite collection of storage providers like Dropbox, Google drive and others. DocRAID® first shreds the data entered into the system, then encrypts the fragments, and distributes them across a number of storages. No one (1) storage contains all the data to reassemble a file. If any one storage fails or is compromised, data can still be retrieved from the remaining storages. DocRAID® supports scalable security, i.e. from encryption to file fragmentation and data distribution across national borders and thus across different international jurisdictions. DocRAID® thus provides and supports security in a number of areas including technical (through fragmentation, encryption, redundant distribution), organizational (through direct mapping to ISO 27001, ISMS, BSI basic protection and others) and jurisdictional (through spreading data across countries and across jurisdictions will increase the protection level, e.g. against 'patriot act' style legislations). DocRAID® entered the certification process according to common criteria (cc) aiming at cc level 4. With this certification level DocRAID® could be employed in the defense area.

Team Experience

DocRAID Dr. Guenther Hoffmann 2

Dr. Guenther Hoffmann, CEO and founder
Gunther has both an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong technical background. Previously he founded, among others, a financial data provisioning company which was acquired by Reuters-Handelsblatt. Guenther earned his PhD at Humboldt University Berlin. He was also a researcher at M.I.T. and Duke University. A List of publications will be provided upon request.

Technical Team: Gerrick is a seasoned data center operator with more than 15 years operational experience. Thomas is a seasoned software developer with more than 15 years operational and team experience. Sven and Robert are veteran sales with a combined experience of 30 years in IT sales and startup building.

Contacts for clients, press and partners:
ContentPro AG
Wilhelm-Kabus-Str. 21-35
10829 Berlin
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Web: https://www.docraid.com/

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