IPACSO supports innovative Startups and SMEs that offer disruptive technology with the potential to create new markets or disrupt existing markets. IPACSO identifies and nurtures promising innovative and disruptive ideas; helps them to turn into market- ready solutions, and supports wider deployment and market uptake. Over the last 2 years, IPACSO has helped more than 100 innovative SMEs, supporting them in their innovation process, and helping them find their road to market better, sooner and more efficient.

IPACSO is a non- profit, member- based organization. The services mentioned below are provided either free of charge or based upon a mutual investment from IPACSO and the innovator. Would you like to learn more about IPACSO Membership and how we help you reach your full potential? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the possibilities.

Do you have a brilliant idea or product but lack in-depth knowledge of potential buyers and their requirements? Need help to position your product based on its added value in relationship to other solutions, buyers demand, identified innovation gaps, spending and investment trends, and important policies and regulations affecting your proposition? Looking to expand to other countries or establish a network of resellers, but you have no idea where to start? IPACSO can help! Based upon our unique expertise and contacts in the IT Security markets in Europe and beyond, IPACSO is capable of providing professional services to support your go-to-market strategy.

IPACSO started out as a project to support cyber security and privacy innovators in their innovation process, from idea generation to market- ready product. We have trained, advised and supported over 100 SMEs throughout Europe. IPACSO starts collaboration projects, where groups of SMEs work together cross border and together with technology buyers, to create new solutions and jointly tackle cyber security challenges. These projects allow SMEs to work side by side with other SMEs, and with technology buyers, and will help them to validate, demonstrate and further tailor their solutions towards business requirements.

Have a brilliant idea or solution but no idea who would be willing to invest in it; or how to build your business case? Looking for available SME- innovation funds on national, transnational or European level? Planning to write a proposal and use some support? IPACSO can help! Our group of experts represent knowledge of investment markets and investment trends, and years of experience working on complex project proposals and innovation projects supported by the European Commission and other stakeholders.

Looking for a platform to promote your innovative solution? In the last year alone, IPACSO was involved in more than 70 events, promoting innovations ‘Made in Europe’. With the European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovations Pavilion, we provide a dedicated platform to innovative SME’s at Europe's largest security tradeshows. With our online portal CyberSecInnovate, we publish some of Europe’s most disruptive ideas, research, products and services, that are mostly offered by SME companies. With our matchmaking events, seminars and conferences, we allow SMEs to connect with other SMEs, potential partners and clients, and invite them to speak on specific security and privacy topics. Each year in October, we invite and challenge them to compete in the European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards, where we celebrate and support Privacy and Cyber Security Innovations 'Made in Europe'.

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