Innovation is one of the primary drivers for growth and profitability in business today, sitting at the top of many corporate agendas….Companies have recognized that efficiency and world-class operational performance alone are not enough to create sustained competitive differentiation and advantage in today’s challenging, global markets.


IPACSO aims to support the Business Innovation process for companies in the Privacy and Cyber Security domain, and the related ICT Security and Trustworthy ICT domains mainly. 

For business innovation, it is important to recognise :


o How generic innovation guidance can be refined to fit unique sub-domain needs, in this case the PACs and ICT Security domains, and by extension the unique perspective of stakeholders deploying that knowledge.
o How specific innovation tactics can be deployed effectively within organisations (workshop developments, innovation roadmapping, business model generation and iteration, ethnography and other advanced research techniques).
o How privacy and cyber security stakeholders such as CTOs, Technology Managers, R+D Managers and Product Managers (among others) can uniquely understand and define their organisational role in relation to innovation.
o How innovators in the space can understand the potential and scope of opportunities, and by extension adopting a portfolio-based approach. In particular, understanding the nature of incremental innovations versus disruptive opportunities defined within the innovation "white space", and rethinking the notion of market segments to drive such opportunities
o Separation of legacy, or "as is" organisational factors from new innovation proposals, ensuring that both can co-exist within a given organisational context.

Many technology failures have traditionally been attributed to an overemphasis on technology-driven, bottom-up innovation, and insufficient emphasis on customer needs. Effective innovation process should ensure a balanced approach to both concerns, particularly in the privacy and cyber security domain where many innovations will be scientific-based, technology-driven R&D outputs. 

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