Innovation framework for ict security
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European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards 2015

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IPACSO is an FP7 Coordination and Support Action, under supervision of DG CONNECT (Trust & Security Unit). IPACSO ran from November 2013 to October 2015. The project has had a number of milestones and deliverables. Some of those deliverables are public, but available only upon registration and can be downloaded below. 


Overview of IPACSO Work: 

  1. D1.1 Periodic progress report  
  2. D1.2 Periodic progress report & Management Report
  3. D1.3 Periodic progress report 
  4. D1.4 Final progress report : 
  5. D2.1 Innovation advisory board setup : 
  6. D2.2 Market and regulatory environment & industry analysis report: 
  7. D2.3 Technology and Research Spectrum Report: 
  8. D3.1 Innovation SOTA Report: 
  9. D3.2 Stakeholder Requirements & Preliminary Case Study Scenarios Report : 
  10. D4.1 Current economic incentives SOTA :  
  11. D4.2 Economic incentives, stakeholder assessment: 
  12. D4.2 Economic incentives : 
  13. D4.3 Economic incentives Guidelines :  
  14. D5.1 IPACSO Process Definition 
  15. D5.2 IPACSO Module Template Design & Definition : 
  16. D5.3 Market Knowledgebase and case study refinement : 
  17. D5.4 IPACSO Innovation framework (initial & final) : 
  18. D6.1 Dissemination Plan
  19. D6.2 Creation and launch of projectwebsite & Social Media presence
  20. D6.3 Dissemination, Exploitation Report year
  21. D6.4 Training Materials – 1st & 2nd iteration
  22. D6.5 Final disseminationand explotation report

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