Privacy within IPACSO relates to the domain of Personal Data Protection, the domain that applies to the protection of the individual European citizen's right to privacy, mainly in the online world - on the internet. 

A lot of in depth research has been compiled and made available as part of the IPACSO Innovation Framework under the section Market, or Privacy Economics or Privacy Research activities.

This domain is againi very broad and applies to both the citizen's right : 

- to consent to the use of his personal data by another institution 
- to have his or her data protected by this insitution, once the consent had been provided 
- to get insight about the collected data, and make changes upon the citizen's request
- to have his or her data removed from the insititution that has been collecting it, including all related data (metadata) 

Most of the challenges and opportunities related to Privacy find their grounds in European Member States data protection regulation (such as Data Breach Notification), or the European Reform of the data protection legal framework. 

For more information on Privacy related to IPACSO in Europe, please visit:





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