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LSEC is a European not-for-profit association focused onInformation Security, operating from Belgium.
The association is based upon the corporate membership of more than 2500 organisations, including 125 core members from the information security industry(both companies and research institutions), associated members and corporate members such as end users enterprises, government departments and other organizations. Within the last decade, LSEC has amassed core expertise sin the field of innovation in Trustworthy ICT in Europe. Started in Leuven, Flanders - Belgium, security innovations such as the electronic ID card, the AES algorithm and internet banking security, were taken by LSEC to Europe and the rest of the world. LSEC’s expertise in Trustworthy ICT is related to the expertise on various aspects of information security and securing cyberspace.More specifically, LSEC’s expertise extends to security and risk management and innovative approaches and tools, the re-engineering and development of software to exploit vulnerabilities (malware, tools for vulnerability management, expertise in Cyber Incident Security Emergency Response Teams, developing and operating advanced detection systems for botnets, malware, APT’s and other forms of cybercrime, forensics capabilities; management and operational expertise and expertise on standards such as ISO 27k, COBIT, Common Criteria.

LSEC actively organizes over 40 activities on an annual basis to support the innovation in information security throughout Europe. LSEC is a founding partner of The European Security Innovation Network
( a project supporting the transnational and cross sector development of innovation in security throughout Europe. In FIRE (, LSEC is a key partner in developing the centralized repository and reporting system for research institutes, researchers and projects throughout Europe both in academia and industry in order to Facilitate the relationship between Industry and Research and to foster technology transfer. LSEC also advises local government and research coordination centers on the developments of cyber security technologies and thedevelopment of technologies impacting privacy. LSEC works actively with academic institutions and industry organizations research departments to create new products, services and companies and identify challenges where current research activities can but put to work (technology transfer) and/or addressed through further research. 

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