The objective is to discover and catalogue the economic incentives concerned via state of the art assessment of cyber economics and engagement with relevant stakeholders. The idea is to gather a list of economic incentives, guideline templates in order for them to contribute to the innovation framework. More specific objectives are to:
• Identification and assessment of currently available PACS economics research issues, the basic economic
incentives and incentive-compatible mechanisms for adoption of privacy and security by relevant stakeholders
(industry, consumers);
• Identification of the main PACS economic problems and barriers that currently exist for a market-mandated
adoption of privacy and security technologies and procedures;
• Stakeholder analysis and cost-benefit analysis into the adoption of economic incentives to promote integration;
• Engagement with the IPACSO Innovation Advisory Board (multinationals, SME’s, research spectrum,
regulation/policy makers), assessing the key stakeholder segments in the security chain and their relationship
with security.
• Successfully develop economic guidelines on incentive-compatible adoption of privacy and security
technologies and feed into the overall IPACSO Innovation framework development 

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