Background of IPACSO Innovation Services:

IPACSO started out as a project, supported by the European Commission under the FP7 Program. One of the major outcomes of the project was a knowledge and decision- support framework that helps security companies and researchers to identify, assess and exploit market opportunities in the Cyber Security & Privacy Domains. Building on the Framework and expertise of the project partners, IPACSO developed a series of services and activities, supporting innovators and extending to other innovation stakeholders during the course of the project. The project formally ended October 2015. But the activities are continued on a community - basis, led by LSEC - Leaders in Security. LSEC is one of the Founding Partners of IPACSO; a non profit cyber security cluster that was founded by the KU Leuven, to support innovation and strengthen the competitiveness of the European Security Market.

Today, IPACSO supports the following innovation stakeholders:

Europe’s ICT Security Industry consists of highly specialized, innovative companies with high added value and global potential. History teaches us that these companies are likely to produce the majority of radical technical innovations. IPACSO helps them to reach their full potential and take advantage of the opportunities ahead. We more

By any credible account, the cyber security market is hot. The value of the global cyber security market is expected to grow by 11.3% each year, reaching $120 billion by 2017. The Western Europe region alone is estimated to contribute $28.1 billion to this industry. Having said that, the cyber security market is a relatively young market and highly fragmented. IPACSO more

IPACSO reaches out to Policy Makers, Clusters and Business Networks, and support them in their efforts to create a favourable ecosystem for innovation and growth. We more

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