Start discovering the IPACSO Innovation Framework, which is a modular framework and continuously being enhanced. 

You could start by getting some background on the IPACSO Innovation Framework via our White Paper Series, by the Introduction to the IPACSO Innovation Framework White Paper.

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 The IPACSO Innovation Framework is holistic in its approach, depending on your interest you can choose any of the five categories or gates. 

Depending on your interest and prior work, you can browse the five categories and discover the different components underneath. Browsing through the whole model and following the suggestions for the templates you will be guided through an innovation process.

As an example, if you already have an idea or even a product you are considering to launch, you could wish to start with the MARKET gate and follow the different steps in assessing whether you are meeting the various market components in terms of demand, supply, economics drivers, state of the art or other components.

Alternatively, should you know your market, and you are seeking for another product or idea, you could start with the IDEAS gate and apply some of the innovation development methodologies.


While the framework is still being optimized, please come back or leave your contact details and we will inform you on the further developments.


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