The Framework Requirements intends to identify a set of innovation requirements necessary to develop an appropriate and responsive framework for supporting innovation needs around PACS products/services. This will leverage existing innovation best practices and will be driven and validated by extensive PACS stakeholder engagement. More
specific objectives are to: 

• Complete a state-of-the-art (SOTA) analysis of current innovation best practices
• Engage with relevant PACS stakeholders - both IAB and more in-depth interactions with stakeholders
to identify current innovation management, product development and commercialisation processes and
• Assess other external sources of information that will contribute to defining a complete set of framework
• Develop case study scenarios focusing on innovation type case studies from the PACS product and service
• Liaise with IPaCSO’s IAB to gain feedback on defined case study scenarios for additional guidance.
• Identify a detailed set of requirements for the IPaCSO Innovation Framework feeding into WP5.

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