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The people theme is focused on the key stakeholders both internal and external to the innovating enterprise and serves to highlight the salient role that different categories of individuals can play in the innovation process.
An innovation process failing to respect the human aspect, is predestined to fail. People with innovative ideas will simply stop participating in the innovation process if they feel they are not adequately supported. Equally so, the growing prominence of open innovation approaches, necessitates the need for innovators to engage and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders external to their core operations. Simply put, any innovation process is only as solid as the people supporting and executing it. The people theme is therefore an important theme, describing the roles necessary to establish and nurture the innovative capability, as well as describing best-practices concerning the direction of the organizational culture as a whole.
This theme, differentiated from the others within the IPACSO framework seeks to provide insights and information, as opposed to prescriptive instruction or guidance. The People Theme is divided a range of subthemes, described below

  • Selecting the Right People - Any worthwhile innovation endeavour involves having the right people doing the right things the right way at the right time.
  • Human Resource Management Practices -appropriate people management rewarding systems as well as an innovative culture are required in terms of generating ideas and implementing them.
  • Key PACS Stakeholders – delineating and identifying stakeholders of relevance who are in a position to influence and support innovation in the PACS domain.
  • PACS Related associations – listing associations across Europe which are specific for the PACS ecosystem is.


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