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    MARKET - Market Analysis - Market Overview - Key and Emerging Players - PACs Specialists - Prominent European-Based PACs Players

    Table 5.2 highlights some prominent European-based PACs players, with inclusion based on their appearance on the radar of key global industry analysts assessing prominent market sub-segments, as well as scoring highly on European ICT company ranking lists, such as the Truffle categorisation of key European software vendors . Many of these vendors compete in highly competitive mass-market PACs segments, particularly around anti-virus and malware prevention, as well as in the Firewall and UTM segments. Several of the prominent players listed here also compete in the Authentication and Access Management segments. 

    Table 5.2 - Notable European-based PACs technology vendors

    Company Overview

    AVG Technologies

    (Netherlands/Czech Republic)

    Founded in 1991 in Czech Republic, with headquarters now in Amsterdam, particularly targeted at anti-virus solutions for consumers and businesses across PCs and mobiles, both in freeware and paid forms. AVG solutions presently have over 187 million active users, with 1000+ employees across 11 offices globally. Acquired remote monitoring vendor Level Platforms in June 2013 – and also was ranked 32nd in European Truffle 100 list in 2013.

    Beta Systems (Germany)

    Berlin-based vendor in identity management space. Have over 1,300 customers in more than 30 countries, with most being major, international corporations and organisations that operate extensive IT systems and complex IT processes, including banks, insurance agencies, manufacturing, trade and utility companies, as well as public administrations. Is a prominent Identify Governance and Administration (IGA) vendor selling its flagship Security Access Manager (SAM) product since 1994, making SAM one of the longest-running IGA solutions from a single vendor.  Beta Systems is recovering from a difficult period in 2011, when license revenue declined sharply. Growth returned in 2012. In 2013, the company brought in a new CEO and other executives, and is investing in the product and the expansion of its sales channels, and in building an international selling presence.

    CenterTools (Germany)

    Prominent player in the endpoint encryption marketplace, with product portfolio released under the DriveLock brand, offering granular options in regulating USB and other devices along with the encryption of hard drives (FDE) and data on removable media. Company HQ in Ludwigsburg and other offices in Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Cambridge and Portland, supports customers worldwide in over 30 countries. 90% of market customer base is in Europe at present.

    Clearswift (UK)

    UK-based player with established presence in the email, web and file protection market, primarily in the U.K, Europe and Asia/Pacific; also has presence in Secure Web Gateways (SWG) market. Management overhaul in recent times is pushing company strategy towards data protection and information governance, reflected in Clearswift's Aneesya platform. Company has over 3,000 clients globally with 7m active Clearswift licences. Funded by Lyceum Capital. Approximately one-third of existing business in the UK, with remainder in mainland Europe and other global regions. Current revenues of appromimately GBP£21.1m.

    Clavister (Sweden)

    Founded in 1997 in Sweden, Clavister is a network security vendor delivering a full range of network security solutions for both physical and virtualised environments. They compete most prominently in the Unified Threat Management (UTM) space, as well as providing mobile and network security solutions for large enterprises, cloud service providers and telecom operators. Clavister has offices throughout the world and has delivered more than 150 000 installations to over 20 000 customers. Key products sold across Eagle, Lynx, Wolf and PolarBear brand categories.

    ESET (Slovakia)

    Prominent Slovakian player in anti-virus space, founded in 1992. Has global headquarters in Bratislava (Slovakia) and regional distribution centers in San Diego (U.S.), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Singapore. ESET has offices in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Prague (Czech Republic). Has extensive network of malware research centers spans Bratislava, San Diego, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Prague, Košice (Slovakia), Krakow (Poland), Montreal (Canada), Moscow (Russia). In April 2009, ESET offered its antivirus engine in the form of SDK, which was implemented by CYAN Networks Software GmbH in its Secure Web Gateway product line. Was ranked 34th in European Truffle 100 list in 2013, with revenues of €256m.

    Evidian (France)

    French subsidiary of Bull (in turn a subsidiary of  Atos), and is a prominent European player in identity and access management. Has user base of more than 5m in more than 900 organisations, with a presence growing rapidly beyond Europe, particularly in Japan and the US.

    F-Secure (Finland)

    Founded in 1988, anti-virus, cloud content and computer security company based in Helsinki, Finland, with strong focus on consumer security segment. Has 940 employees with 20 offices globally. Was ranked 46th in Truffle100 list in 2013, with annual revenues of €157.2m.

    Gateprotect (Germany)

    German-based pure-play security vendor, with established presence in UTM market, with key offices in Hamburg and Leipzig. Existing UTM portfolio includes nine appliances, with virtual appliances and centralised management also available. In July 2014, gateprotect was acquired by Rohde & Schwarz, a large German electronics group.

    Gemalto (Netherlands)

    Headquartered in Amsterdam, large €2bn+ player focussed on development of secure software and operating systems embedded in many kinds of device, like SIM cards, banking cards, tokens, electronic passports and ID cards. Also prominent player in Authentication market space. Majority of Gemalto's customers are in financial services, government and healthcare, and in larger enterprises. Recently acquired data security player SafeNet in high-profile acquisition worth $890m in August 2014. Ranked 28th in European Truffle 100 software list in 2013.

    iWelcome (Netherlands)

    Prominent Dutch-based identity as a service (IdaaS) vendor. Company is the result of spinoff from system integration firm Everett.  Solution provided in a dedicated single tenant delivery model to allow for customisation and customer branding. Its offering is heavily based on open-source software and includes authentication, SSO, federation, self-service registration, and user provisioning support for on-premises and SaaS applications. Is the only prominent global-level IDaaS vendor with headquarters in continental Europe at present, and has achieved early-mover advantage in that region. IdaaS cloud is European-based which is proving favourable with predominantly European customer base.

    Panda Security (Spain)

    Founded in 1990 in Bilbao Spain as Panda Software, with European focus for first 17 years followed by key steps towards international expansion in 2007, where US presence was stepped up in particular. Prominent player in anti-virus and endpoint protection segments. Ranked 52nd in Truffle European Software list in 2013, with annual revenues that year of €142m.

    SMS Passcode (Denmark)

    Danish company with focus on adaptive multi-factor authentication - solutions secure remote access systems including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and Juniper. SMS Passcode's customers predominate in manufacturing, natural resources, government and financial services. Nine-tenths of them are SMEs.

    Sophos (UK)

    Founded in the UK in 1985, Sophos is a prominent security vendor in the security space,  competing prominently in the UTM firewall space, as well as secure wi-fi, web and email gateway spaces. Company initially provided endpoint security before adding network and mobile security solutions to its portfolio. The Sophos UTM portfolio includes 11 models (the SG Series). Recent acquisitions include Cyberoam, another UTM vendor which includes cloud-based sandboxing, automated email encryption and integration with Sophos' MDM product. Also recently acquired US-based cloud security firm Mojave in October 2014, thereby strengthening their line of cloud solutions.  Is the highest-ranked PACs vendor in the Truffle100 European software vendor list, ranked 24th in 2013, with revenues of €315m.

    Stonesoft (Finland)

    Prominent Finnish firewall/UTM player acquired by McAfee in May 2013. Renowned for pioneering innovation in next generation firewall technology, particularly in analysing threat evasion techniques, and it is known for its well-functioning clustering and active-active options. Stonesoft firewall features that are not seen in many competitors' products, and its firewall features are both innovative against modern and advanced threats and focused on the enterprise.

    Stormshield (France)

    Subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, and the result of an operational merger between two French firewall vendors in 2013 (Arkoon and Netasq). Core focus on firewalls and UTM, as well as providing endpoint and data security solutions. UTM product line (Stormshield Network Security) is made of nine appliances and seven virtual appliances.

    Swivel Secure (UK)

    Swivel authentication platform, first launched in 2000, is now used by major blue chip companies as well as SME and public sector organisations. Swivel Secure’s customer base spans over 35 countries and its solution is used to secure VPN, desktops, web and Cloud-based applications. Customers vary from UK NHS Trusts to multi-national logistics organisations, pharmaceuticals companies, high street retailers, financial institutions and hardware component manufacturers.


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