On January 22nd, IPaCSO hosted the Privacy Innovator panel at the CPDP Conference 2014 in Brussels,

To access the presentations, please follow the temporary facility at www.leadersinsecurity.org.



IPaCSO will be hosting a panel discussion on Privacy innovations, together with a group of Privacy innovators, aiming to discover and discuss different business models, innovative approaches, opportunities and challenges for Innovative companies and business in the domain of Privacy and related. 

7th international computer privacy and data protection conference 
reforming data protection, the global perspective

Wednesday, January 22nd 


business ••••• policy •

organised by LSEC & IPACSO –project

Chair tbc

Moderator Ulrich Seldeslachts, LSEC (BE)

Panel John Grant, Palantir (US), Nicola Jentzsch, DIW Berlin (DE), Richard Harrison, Reputation.com (UK), Filip Maertens, Arguslabs (BE)

Similar as with security, privacy is considered being a cost to most organizations. Today, it is still more profitable to gain money on top of individuals’ personal and private data, then it is of protecting them. Some innovative for profit companies are trying to make a business out of ensuring privacy. The main purpose of this panel is to discover the business models, challenges, pitfalls and best practices of privacy related innovative companies, whilst identifying some innovative services and technologies. Individuals will be able to learn from potential solutions and additional costs to preserve their right to privacy. Privacy and Security Officers, company representatives will be able to learn how to integrate these business models into their own services platforms and cooperating with these innovative services. Policy makers will be able to continue to identify the challenges of the privacy inbalance, how they can support innovation in this domain and need to seek ways to support organizations in promoting privacy, instead of only considering the repressive measures.

Each presenter will be asked to present his perspective and offerings, during 10 to 15 minutes, followed by an interactive debate. The key learnings for participants will be: drivers and challenges to privacy innovation, market interest and privacy protecting tools and solutions.

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