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While it is estimated that somewhere between 1000-2000 funded product-oriented PACs startups now exist globally, Table 5.4 below briefly highlights a sample some emerging PACs players developing innovative te chnologies who have been receiving particular attention in the media and in investor circles in recent times.


Table 5.4 – Key Emerging PACs technology vendors (Global). 

Company Overview
41st Parameter

Focus: digital fingerprinting and fraud detection. Solution focussed on helping  retailers find hackers and fraudsters. It invisibly scans the PC and creates a digital "fingerprint" of it. Even if a hacker has your credentials, if the person's not logging in from your actual PC, 41st knows it and flags those activities.

A10 Networks

Enables large web players and government organisations to accelerate, secure and optimise the performance of their data center applications and networks.


Focus: privacy protected browsing. Offers software it calls the "Hotspot Shield" which gives everyone secure, anonymous, and private browsing on the Internet.


Focus: application security. Offers a cloud platform that checks to see if an app is secure so it can't be hacked by intruders; particular emphasis on mobile apps.


Cloud service that virtualises applications, data and content such as Office documents and PDFs on any mobile device with no configuration and zero data leakage. This reduces the possibility of the mobile device being infected by documents embedded with malware or confidential corporate data being cached on the device where it can later be compromised.


Averail Access mobile app combines with a cloud-based management console to create a trusted environment to protect files, regardless of where they are stored. On April 1, 2014, Averail became part of MobileIron.


Developing new endpoint security approach based on VM-based isolation approaches,  whereby vulnerable tasks (e.g a user opens an email or browses the web or shares files),  the task is isolated in a micro-virtual machine (micro-VM) which protects the rest of the system from potential malware attack.


Delivers security controls including encryption, tokenisation, cloud data loss prevention and cloud malware detection. It also includes activity monitoring for cloud applications including Salesforce,, Chatter, Google Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. Perspecsys is a similar solution player in the space.

CloudLink (AFORE)

Focus on cloud encryption; encryption of  data-at-rest and data-in-motion and multi-tenant security

Co3 Systems

Focus: incident response management. Focus on post event breach reporting and supporting companies in meeting compliance obligations.


Focussed on proactive approaches to identifying and attributing hackers. Has received much attention due to it’s aggressive stance on rooting out the hackers, as opposed to an emphasis on building defensive tech.


Cylance's Infinity offers intelligent, predictive threat analysis of good vs. bad objects using a non-signature, non-heuristic and non-behavioral based mathematical approach.

Marble Security

Focus: application security. Identifies and manages the risk of Android and iOS apps that steal user identities and leak corporate data.


Threat management platform provides security analytics and threat context for intelligence and incident response.

Nok Nok Labs

Develops two-factor authentication systems for desktops, mobile devices and servers.

Shape Security

Solution focused on making it harder for hackers to trick people into visiting malware-laced websites.

Skyhigh Networks

Cloud security software helps businesses secure their data in the cloud by discovering the cloud services employees are using, analysing risk and enforcing cloud security policies.


Cloud service that helps developers build secure authentication and access control into any application, via a robust REST+JSON API or client libraries.


Vulnerability management solution for managing security alerts and patches, recently signed high-profile contract with US Department of Defence.


Focus: fraud prevention. provides comprehensive, context-based authentication, protecting mission-critical enterprise applications from hackers and fraudsters. ThreatMetrix™ has created a comprehensive process to create trust across all types of online transactions, guarding against account takeover, card-not-present, and fictitious account registration frauds.


Virtualisation technology creates a separate environment called a Virtual Zone where all internet activity and programs from external devices are contained and virtualised.


Focus: fraud detection. Does realtime phone fraud detection based on a "voice print."  The tech is popular with banks, credit card companies, and any company that still does a lot of business through call centers.


Offers an app that gives users greater control over their mobile messages — text, pictures, audio, video — with advanced military-grade security to prevent snooping.


Other key emerging themes and players in the privacy space are also highlighted in Table 5.5 below.


Table 5.5 – Early-stage commercial privacy technologies – key themes

Privacy Theme Overview Commercial Players
Data Removal and Reduction Support users in removing data online, particular emphasis on search data, supporting “right to be forgotten” principles. SafeShephard
Data Transparency Apps Allow users to gain transparency over social apps that are using their data and the manner of use.
Digital Marking and Personalised Digital Footprints Supporting users in appending unique annotations and marking to key digital assets, supporting asset tracking across the internet and other systems. Eterniam
“Off The Record” personal communications Support for email, mobile messaging, self-destructive media, and secure encryption-based communications and VPN tunnelling. Ansa, AnchorFree, SilentCircle
Online Digital Identity Management Allow users to manage multiple digital identities online. MiiCard
Online Reputation Management Ability for individuals and corporates/brands to track online personas an reputations – offerings typically service led.,,

Massive PR (bought by Strixius), BrandYourself, Igniyte, DataDial, Webimax, Gadook,


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