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Theme Overview

This theme provides an overview of the Privacy and Cyber Security (PACs) research and technology spectrum and environment. Key activities within Europe are prioritised, as well as important elements in the broader global context. Open research challenges and technology gaps are also highlighted throughout.


This theme is decomposed further into six subthemes:

  1. Security State of the Art (SOTA): key research themes and roadmap agendas within existing security research, and highlighted technology challenges and gaps
  2. Privacy State of the Art (SOTA): key research themes and roadmap agendas within existing privacy research, and highlighted technology challenges and gaps. Particular sections on key privacy research themes, and early-market examples of emerging privacy-oriented technologies (and vendors) are also highlighted.
  3. EU + Global Projects: this theme highlights a number of areas around prominent EU-funded PACs research, including (1) key statistics around EU publicly-funded Trust and Security projects, (2) activities in key technology projects, and (3) an analysis of key barriers to commercialisation reported across such projects by project consortia.
  4. PACS Cluster Initiatives: this theme highlights existing PACs clustering and innovation environments of prominence, both within Europe as well as in other prominent global regions. In particular, key characteristics of the best performing PACs ecosystems are highlighted.
What you will learn

The theme will allow readers to gain a clearer understanding of the scope of Privacy, Security and Trust research at present, both in relation to research driving product development in the immediate PACs market, as well as emerging best practice around PACs integrations in wider ICT products and services.

Potential Uses Theme will support innovators in understanding, selecting and prioritising specific research areas of emphasis. Theme will also help innovators understand potential innovation challenges in PACs and wider ICT research, increasing potential for successful commercial outcomes. Policymakers may also benefit from clarity around research themes, agendas and existing research gaps.


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