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Recent IPACSO activities
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European Cyber Security & Privacy Awards: October 23 – Living Tomorrow - Brussels
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Innovation in Cyber Security & Privacy

Europe’s Cyber Security Market is projected to be among the fastest growing segments of the IT- sector in the next 5 years. Significant investments are expected to protect vital infrastructures and improve the competitiveness of the European IT- Security market. Cyber Security & Privacy have claimed their rightful place on the European agenda, opening new opportunities for specialized, innovative companies, investors and policy makers.

IPACSO ((Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities) aims to support ICT Security innovators with State of the Art methodologies and best practices in their innovation process, that will help them to find their road to market faster, more effective and more efficient. IPACSO will create additional visibility for their innovations, by reaching out to the market and media with promotional activities. Lastly, IPACSO brings together innovators, investors and policy makers so that they can work collectively to address some of the major cyber security & privacy challenges faced in Europe today.

Recent IPACSO activities & events

January 22: CPDP Brussels

On January 22nd, IPACSO hosted the Privacy Innovator panel at the CPDP Conference 2014 in Brussels; the 7th International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection. IPACSO hosted a panel discussion on Privacy Innovations, together with a group of Privacy innovators, aiming to discover and discuss different business models, innovative approaches, opportunities and challenges for Innovative companies and business in the domain of Privacy and related.

February 13: Mobile Cyber Security Netherlands

Mobility causes ongoing concerns for CIO’s and CISO’s, but also provides a unique opportunity for genuine business innovation in these pressed economic times. Together with TNO, the leading Dutch research firm, IPACSO organized a seminar on how to seize the opportunities of both Mobile as well as Mobile Security.

February 28: EU Cybersecurity Strategy - High Level Conference

On February 28, IPACSO hosted a booth at the European Commission in Brussels, to promote the IPACSO project and get various stakeholders involved. Also IPACSO launched the first basic announcement of the IPACSO European Cyber Security and Privacy Innovation Awards, asking Cyber Security and Privacy Innovators to register, or to register on behalf of someone else as a referral. There was a lot of interest for the project, and several innovators immediately registered as a nominee for the awards.

European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards

Awarding Privacy and Cyber Security Innovators in Europe

With the European Privacy and Cyber Security Innovation Awards, a series of promotional events are being created allowing for more attention and market interest. Such activities will also support local media attention for the Innovator, and for additional policy support. It also allows to indicate positive messages into the public opinion on Privacy and Cyber Security, which are largely dominated by negative connotations.

Deadlines & first award ceremony

Companies will be selected through the registration process that will end October 6th 30th 2014 and asked for additional details throughout the process. The first award ceremony will be taking place at Living Tomorrow, on October 23rd 2014.

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