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This newsletter contains opportunities that are part of your current and future business, and as such we make it our business to cease out the most by participating actively into development activities throughout Europe. If you are interested to present your solution at the Mobile World Congress, do respond immediately.

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• Opportunity to present your solution @ Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
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Present your solution @ the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

LSEC and IPACSO are collecting Europe’s most innovative Mobile Security Solutions, to present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, taking place from 2 -5 March. Does your company offer a solution that supports a secure mobile experience, and that will further drive innovation within the mobile sector? Respond to this email immediately!

Save the dates, Events, Bootcamps & Networking Opportunities:

March 14 Registration for the European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards opens | Save the date
Each year in October, Europe’s most innovative and forward-thinking researchers and entrepreneurs gather in Brussels, recognising those who are bolstering Europe’s cyber security landscape. We invite you to compete in the 2015 edition of the European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards, and promote yourselves as one of the best in your industry today. The application process opens Saturday March 14, when we will invite and challenge you to submit your business case!

March 2 IPACSO at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
If you are interested to include your Mobile Security (or Privacy) Solution to be presented at the Congress, respond to this email immediately.

March 2 IPACSO at the NIS Platform WG3 Meeting, European Commission – Brussels
The establishment of the NIS Public-Private Platform was announced in the Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union. IPACSO has actively contributed to the NIS- Work Group 3 (WG3), that focuses on secure ICT research and innovation. IPACSO was strongly involved in the development of the Business Cases and Innovation Paths document during 2013 - 2014. Some of its findings will be presented in this special event in Brussels at the facilities of the European Commission, together with some of the outcomes of the IPACSO project to support European cyber security and privacy innovations. For more information and registration click here

IPACSO Privacy & Cyber Security Innovation Bootcamps
IPACSO Bootcamps are aimed to support security and privacy companies to successfully create and market their innovative ideas. They will use the results of the IPACSO Innovation Framework under development, but translated to the language of the cyber security & privacy entrepreneur.

  • February 6 Privacy Innovation Bootcamp, Brussels (registration closed)
  • July 7 Cyber Security Innovation Bootcamp, Brussels (click here)
  • July 8 Cyber Security Innovation Bootcamp, Brussels (click here)
  • March 25 LSEC IPACSO Security Innovations Pavilion @ InfoSecurity2015: LSEC – IPACSO | Security Innovations Pavilion is a platform where we invite a group of Cyber Security and Privacy Innovators to showcase their innovation in a dedicated area on Europe's largest information security tradeshows. More information click here

Project news, success stories and interesting reads: 

IPACSO @ the CPDP Conference
IPACSO hosted the Privacy Innovation Panel at the CPDP Conference, together with a group of Privacy Innovators, aiming to discover and discuss different business models, innovative approaches, opportunities and challenges for Innovative companies and business in the domain of Privacy and related. The presentations and a video of the panel discussion are now available online.

IPACSO Paper: Considerations for Modelling Firm-Level Innovation Processes in Privacy and Cyber Security Organizations
Jamie Power of Waterford Institute of Technology, and partner in the IPACSO project, presented IPACSO’s conference paper at ARSA 2014. It provides an interesting view on the changing landscape and need to evaluate current Innovation Processes in the Privacy and Security Domains. The paper is available online for you to download

FIC 2015 Innovation Award Winners to join the IPACSO Community of Security Innovators
With over 4,300 participants, including nearly 600 international, 140 partners, 1,500 end users and 1,000 business meetings, the 7th edition of FIC was a success. IPACSO, a partner of FIC2015, hosted a shared booth with award-winning innovators Intrinsic-ID; and Rosberg and Trustbuilder, presenting their solutions. The Cyber Security and Privacy Innovators Community expanded again with two FIC Award Winners Pradeo and Tetrane.

Three Boardroom Questions Every Cybersecurity Entrepreneur Must Answer: An article published by Kleiner Perkins, one of the world’s largest Venture Capital Funds

Global Startup Report 2015: are updating their excellent 2012 Startup Genome report in the spring of 2015. Starters and entrepreneurs are challenged to participate and influence the report by participating the survey, which are the foundation of the report.

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