Press Release: EU's First Cyber Security Achievers Announced

- The EU honour those making an impact in Privacy and Cyber Security –

Europe’s most innovative and forward-thinking researchers and entrepreneurs gathered in Brussels yesterday to recognise those who are bolstering Europe’s cyber security landscape.

The winners were selected by an international jury, comprising an independent group of security and privacy experts, IT security research authorities, innovation experts, captains of industry as well as members of the IPACSO Advisory Board. The winners announced in each of the categories were:

1. Innovative Cyber Security Product : XLAB Mobile Device Monitor (SI) : XLAB is a new innovative Slovenian company, active in the ICT Security domain. With the Mobile Device Monitor, the company has developed an application for Android actively monitoring external communications and alerting the user when attempts are undertaken to access rogue IP addresses or other known malicious hosts. When the mobile user clicks a link on the mobile device (either via email or an app), the XLAB Mobile Device Monitor will block the communication and alert the user. The jury praised the company for its innovative product and encouraged further developments also on iOS and expanding to other information sources.

2. Innovative Cyber Security Service KAHUNA Abusedesk Solution (NL) : The Abusdesk Solution is spearheading the AbuseInformationExchange, a collaboration in the Netherlands among various ISPs collectively mitigating abuse of systems and platforms by sharing information about vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise, malware and other information leading to detecting the source of the abuse. By fighting the problem at the source, end users will be able to experience a significant reduction in cyber security threats from within the country. End users will be guided in cleaning their machines therefore preventing further harm to other users and networks. To maximise effectiveness the KAHUNA solution should be considered by other ISP's throughout Europe and supported by policy makers in order to take preventive measures. The jury praised Kahuna in particular for making situational awareness an active means to fight cyber threats, going beyond the intelligence.

3. Innovative Cyber Security Company : GDATA continuously innovating, most recent with the USB Keyboard Guard (DE) : For more than a decade independent cyber security innovator GDATA has been constantly researching new threats and building solutions to prevent some of these threats to become serious attack vectors. End users and industrial systems sometimes forget they can not only be attacked by an internet connection. Also USB devices can carry a series of potential threats without the consent or even awareness of the user. With the USB Keyboard Guard, the company steps into a domain allowing the end user to make a conscious choice whether a simple USB stick should also be allowed to act as a keyboard.

4. Innovative Privacy Company : SEDICII Securing Identities (IE) : Based upon initial research, Sedicii decided to focus on protecting the identity of the end user, by protecting their personal data and personal information. This not only reduces the potential impact of a data breach, but also considers the protection of the privacy of the end user by masking the true identity from the start (in the browser, on the device, or elsewhere.) The jury praised Sedicii for their attempt to monetize the challenge of privacy protection, and endorses the idea of protecting the end user identity end to end. 5. ICT Security Innovation : Rossberg (NO) : new generation security for smartphones In many European countries SMS is still a major medium to reach out to end users for different types of information or transactions. These could be related to online banking, transportation or other [end the sentence]. End users can be lured into phising attacks by untrusted senders. The solution provides an additional layer of trustworthiness in this widespread medium. The jury praised Rossberg for their approach in trying to reduce the impact of SMS-fraud, that results in cyber security threats.

6. Privacy or Cyber Security Innovator : Intrinsic-ID (NL) : Innovation entails perseverance and capability to constantly pivot, with new opportunities appearing. The latest innovative solution by Intrinsic-ID uses the original identity of a chip in a smartphone, by means of physical unclonable functions, in order to use this unique phone identity to authenticate to applications, services and to prevent potential cyber threats, or preserve the privacy of the user (by using his / hers unique mobile phone identifier to make transactions).

The jury praised Intrinsic-ID for their innovative approach in defining a unique id, to a device. Providing a solid identity is one of the key infrastructure requirements for the future internet, including challenges related to Internet of Things or Industrial Control Systems.

The awards are the brainchild of an EU-supported research project, named Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities (IPACSO). This consortium comprises a diverse range of industry, academic, R&D and policy-making experts collaborating to build a faster, more effective and efficient road-to-market landscape for cyber security entrepreneurs.

Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO from LSEC Leaders in Security, member of IPACSO says: “We are delighted these inaugural awards have attracted widespread interest and an eminent lineup of speakers including Giovanni Verhaeghe, Innovation Director Vasco Data Security and Jarno Limnell, Director Cyber Security McAfee. Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing technology sectors worldwide and IPACSO is supporting IT security innovators to improve their innovation practices. We hope this event provides a fitting platform to champion and celebrate the critical work taking place on the European stage.”

Ulrich Seldeslachts
Coordinator : LSEC Leaders in Security
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+32 475713602


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