Dear Innovators, Dear friends, Dear security and cyber defense aficionados,

The clock is ticking…...

Only 15 days to the deadline; and although we have received many interesting business cases, we are yet to receive yours. We can only imagine why.

So here are three reasons for you not to complete your application for the European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards:

Reason 1. We don’t qualify

Knowing most of you personally and others by name and fame, we just don’t think that is a very good excuse….

Reason 2. There is no return on investment

First and foremost there are no costs involved with your application. We don’t take bribes, you may buy us a beer…..but only after you won !So here’s your return on (zero) investment:

  • All finalists will get their own small company booth at the conference, allowing them to present their innovation
  • All finalists and winners will be included in international press releases, newsletters, social media, and all communications towards the European IPACSO community (20,000+ security stakeholders)
  • All finalists and winners will be published on the IPACSO website, including their innovation and URL to the company website
  • All winners will be mentioned in the final report of the IPACSO project towards the European Commission
  • All finalists and winners will receive a digital banner and a format press release that they can send out to their communities; and to be published on their websites endorsed by IPACSO
  • All winners will have their company profile and expertise published for 1 year on the LSEC Expert Directory (30,000 visitors- month, all security stakeholders)
  • All winners will receive a free company booth at the Security Innovations Pavilion, a dedicated platform for innovators at Europe's cyber security tradeshows (e.g. FIC - France, Infosecurity)
  • All winners will receive one (1) day of coaching by a senior executive from the IPACSO your location, anywhere in Europe. If it’s on the map, we’ll find it and we’ll be there!

Reason 3. I don’t have the time

Ok we’re all busy. The good news however is that 15 days equals 360 hours equals 21,600 minutes. You will only need to take 30 minutes and you’ll still have 21,570 minutes left So……

  • 30 minutes of work, and potentially 20-50k of added value to your marketing budget
  • If you find this interesting, fill out your application form
  • If you can do better in 30 minutes, definitely fill out your application form ! :)

Warning: Next week we’ll start calling you !

So either way you’re going to lose those 30 minutes; we strongly recommend that you use them wisely and submit your business case !

Good luck with your application! Deadline is set at October 1st – 2015


To download the application instructions:

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