awards 2015

Europe’s Cyber Security & Privacy Champions Announced
- Honoring those that are making an impact in Privacy and Cyber Security –

Europe’s most innovative and forward-thinking researchers and entrepreneurs gathered in Living Tomorrow, Brussels recognising those who bolstered Europe’s cyber security landscape.

The winners were selected out of a group of no less than 30 finalists from 11 countries. These high achievers include spin- off companies resulting from academic research, new exiting start- ups, seasoned security & privacy entrepreneurs with new products & services, and ICT - and Telco's with integrated innovative security offerings.

Each of the award finalists and winners where congratulated personally by Mr. Jakub Boratynski, the Head of the Trust Unit, DG CONNECT, of the European Commission

The winners announced in each of the categories were:

1. Innovative Cyber Security Company: BalaBit (Luxembourg)
BalaBit has been active as a leading European IT security innovator since 2000. The company is widely-known for syslog-ng™, its open source log management solution, used by more than a million companies worldwide. The jury praised BalaBit for its continuous innovation in advanced monitoring technologies and adapt to changing requirements and market needs; including its latest product Blindspotter (a real-time, user behavior analytics tool that analyses user activities and identifies suspicious events occurring throughout IT systems).

2. Innovative Privacy Company: Crypho (Norway)
Crypho is a (Software-as-a-Service) messaging and collaboration tool for organizations with high security requirements. The jury praised Crypho for combining high security and strong cryptographic requirements with the approachability and ease of use that is common in consumer applications; making it ‘end user friendly’, protecting all communications validated by law enforcement, government, financial industry, but also human rights groups and journalists around the world

3. Cyber Security Product: Cyberlytic (UK)
Cyberlytic was founded on the belief that security intelligence should enable security teams to be more efficient and reduce the demand on human operators. Through research originally completed for the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) and based upon expertise of one of the leading UK Cyber Security Research Centers CSIT, Cyberlytic is the originator and owner of intellectual property relating to real-time risk assessment and prioritization of cyber-attacks. With its solution, Cyberlytic provides security intelligence software that reduces the demand and workload of security teams and provides decision support. The Jury recognizes its focus on the need for more decision support tools and business driven cyber security capabilities. And - while being a relatively new player in the market - Cyberlytic has proven its competences in offering a solution that present a board level view on cyber security challenges

4. Privacy of Cyber Security Innovator: Cybernetica (Estonia)
The jury praised the constant innovative developments in security and privacy from the Estonian based, R&D intensive ICT Security company Cybernetica. Its Sharemind software enables sharing and processing confidential data while maintaining data owner's control. Its cryptographic mechanisms, based upon scientific fundamentals, guarantees organizations, governments and individuals to combine data, allow creating of new knowledge without revealing to third parties. Cybernetica is a great product of cyber-focused Estonia, sensitive to cyber security and considering privacy engineering by design, an example for the rest of Europe.

5. Innovative Cyber Security or Privacy Research: CZ.NIC Association (Czech Republic)
The TURRIS project represents a whole security environment composed from a secure by design router and a TURRIS central with cyber threat analysis, the Czech national domain operator, also powering the national CSIRT in the background, promoting an up-to-date security fix on-line distribution. Each user of the service obtains a TURRIS router, which can, besides serving as a normal home router, also analyze the traffic between Internet and the home network, and identify suspicious data flows. Similar to a watchtower, it then alerts the TURRIS central of a possible attack. At the system headquarters, it is then possible to compare data from many connected TURRIS routers and asses the security status of detected traffic. With this focus on end user home networks and SME’s, it is an excellent approach on not only detecting but also preventing, retaining and mitigating cyber threats in a distributed manner with the appliance being part of core routing environment of a home or small business network. The jury praised CZ.NIC for its challenging approach, and supports its objective in scaling it to a larger network operation on ISP or country level.

6. ICT Security Innovation: DocRAID® (Germany)
DocRAID® stands for secure file sharing and email encryption made easy. DocRAID® delivers maximum information protection in cloud environments while maintaining full control of data, functionality, transparency and user friendliness. DocRAID® is a highly secure enterprise file sharing solution, storage-agnostic and decentralized; that allows users to use cloud storage, email, exchange and other cloud services with confidence. The jury acknowledges the need for secure document management and transparency while utilizing Cloud technologies. The innovation combines high quality encryption and fragmenting and can be transparently applied to both private and public cloud platforms.

7. Cyber Security Service: EclecticIQ (Netherlands)
EclecticIQ creates best-in-class cyber security technology through its engineering and cyber threat intelligence expertise. Its flagship platform product connects and interprets intelligence data from open sources, commercial suppliers and industry partnerships to help organizations manage cyber threats. Utilizing STIX and TAXII, allowing transportation of threat information among IT security and intelligence technologies. The jury recognizes EclecticIQ’s service for its capabilities in both gathering relevant intelligence, but also making it actionable by normalizing and consolidating them, enabling security staff to carry out incident response, intelligence analysis, revenue assurance, security operations and security leadership.

The IPACSO awards are a result of the EU-supported coordination action IPACSO (Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities). Its consortium comprises a diverse range of industry, academic, R&D and policy-making experts collaborating to build a faster, more effective and efficient road-to-market landscape for cyber security entrepreneurs, turned the IPACSO project into the IPACSO community. The IPACSO community will continue to support the development of innovative cyber security and privacy technologies throughout Europe.

Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO from LSEC - Leaders in Security, founding member of the IPACSO community says:

“We are delighted these awards have attracted widespread interest and an eminent line-up of speakers from all across Europe. Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing technology sectors worldwide, and IPACSO is here to support European innovators to maximize on their potential. Today we celebrate those organizations that strengthen the competitiveness of the European Cyber Security market with their innovative ideas, approaches and solutions; creating employment - as well as export opportunities, establishing exiting new businesses that have a global potential. We hope this event provides a fitting platform to champion and celebrate the critical work taking place on the European stage.”


Press inquiries:
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