The winner of the IPACSO Privacy Innovation Awards on October 23rd in Brussel, is growing the number of it prizes. 

On December 11th, they were awarded by the UK #EYStartup Challenge that took place in the Cyber Security Incubator

Or more on Sedicii can be found on the Sedicii company profile at the IPACSO list of innovative European Privacy Companies

Sedicii uses a mathematical algorithm to verify your information or password without actually sending it to a website for verification. On the front end, things look the same for the user entering a password, their address or other information. Instead of storing all this data on a website, that could be hacked into and resulting in a databreach of personal data, thanks to this Identity as a Service solution, the website has less to worry about. 

A Techcrunch videoblog by Rob Leslie, the Sedicii CEO.


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