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The IPACSO Bootcamp roadshow travelled the length of Ireland over the month of June providing highly interactive innovation, dissemination and support sessions. Participants included PACS specific and ICT-Security SMEs, start-ups targeting R&D and commercialisation supports and researchers in the area of privacy and cyber security.

The Arclabs Innovation Centre in Waterford hosted the inaugural Irish Bootcamp on Monday 8th June 2015. The local innovators (Primeur, Soloton and Sedicii) joined us for our workshop which facilitated the first introduction to the online version of the IPACSO framework. Adopting one of the product ideas we used this interactive session to get some tangible results on where the product currently sits in its innovation cycle as well as recommendations for the next steps towards a robust business driven implementation and investment strategy. The second leg of the Irish Bootcamp tour was held on 16th June at IBM’s Dublin innovation centre which is a most fitting venue for nurturing innovation in the domain of ICT security. Participants hailed from Adaptive Mobile, Moqom, Systemlink Technologies, ITB and IBM’s security innovation team. This group had a lot of diversity in their market offerings (e.g. smart water heating system) and it provided an excellent stage for our interactive sessions utilizing the IPACSO templates and building toward different business cases and models.

The Irish programme of Bootcamps concluded on 30th June in Northern Ireland at the Belfast Science and Technology Park in conjunction with CSIT Queens University Belfast. This session provided an opportunity for applying the multi-disciplinary nature of IPACSO as the technical personnel involved were keen to grasp the economics and business perspectives presented. This information is particularly useful for fulfilling the justification for funding and investment support.

The small scale character of each Bootcamp session facilitated a truly interactive dialogue with knowledge transfers encompassing education and training supports, as well as direct innovation advice which was applicable to ongoing cases. Each Bootcamp was tailored to the requirements of the attendees and their own specific innovation cases were used as reference points to underpin the usefulness of the sessions.

By using the IPACSO framework modules, resources, methodologies and templates, the participants’ innovation assumptions/ cases were challenged, conceptualised and developed through practical exercises and framework presentations.

Feedback from the Bootcamp sessions was extremely positive with attendees commenting that the framework and the underpinning knowledge base generated in the IPACSO project provides a detailed decision support system as well as an extensive repository of market, economic and innovation knowledge.

The IPACSO team will sustain contact and engagement with Bootcamp participants across Ireland, UK, Belgium and Netherlands. These partnerships have been made thorough a variety of actions including but not limited to: signposting R&D project calls and advising on proposal developments, offering insight and guidance with ongoing innovation cases, and encouraging applications for the upcoming IPACSO Innovation Awards.

Are you an innovator in Cyber Security or Privacy? Would you like to participate in one of the upcoming Bootcamps, to help you identify, evaluate and exploit market opportunities? Send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that the applications for the IPACSO Innovation awards 2015 are now open and the Innovation advisory board of experts awaits your submissions. For further information about the awards please click here or connect with us via email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

As we are now in the final few months of IPACSO with many opportunities emerging for the implementation of the IPACSO framework, we are engaging with stakeholders to adapt the framework succinctly to their needs through the final iterations of the framework development. Where the requirement arises we will provide additional bootcamps and training initiatives (at present we are in discussion with BT in the UK).

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