Schedule of Activities

Entrepeneurs and innovators are invited to participate to the first IPACSO Cyber Security bootcamp in Belgium.

Register at

The IPACSO project focuses on bringing innovation frameworks for innovators, based upon proven methodologies from other industries, but applied to the ICT Security landscape based upon experiences and expertise from other cyber security innovators. 

Part of the IPACSO project, the Bootcamps are intended to be highly interactive sessions that include education and training, with direct advisory applicable to the ongoing cases or to measure the participants needs. The Innovation Bootcamps have been very successful in innovation domains. Their typical character is
- A small number of participants 6 to 10 max
- Determining the participants interests, objectives, experience and markets in advance (to avoid conflicts of interest, and to ensure interaction) 
- One or multiple motivational bootcamp instructors, with field experiences 
- supported with the theoretical backgrounds provided by the IPACSO Innovation methodologies state of the art analysis and IPACSO Framework under development
- Working towards practical implementations of innovations, challenging assumptions, providing feedback into go-to-market models 
- Sharpening Executive Summary and provide feedback to business case 
-   …

Join us in this workshop on Monday July 7th

These highly interactive workshops are intended to field test the Innovation Framework  under  development,  to  guide  innovators  with  practical  advice,  market  support  and information that would support the development of their business case and going to market.
Within IPACSO, the majority of the bootcamps will be Trial Bootcamps, where the plan is to field trial some  of  the  ongoing  developments  in  Innovation  Framework, market  developments  and  incentive schemes. Whenever feasible, demanded and appropriate the IPACSO Project Partners will organize additional bootcamps during the course of the project and beyond. IPaCSO can promote them further via best practices and during the innovation awards. 

This will be the first trial Bootcamp in 2014, with a follow-up session planned on August 26th, 2014 - still allowing for some time to enter a valid proposal for the IPACSO Innovation Awards. 

These  bootcamps  will  be free of charge registration on the IPACSO website. An additional list of bootcamps will be organized via crowdsourcing to find additional suitable dates. If sufficient participants can be found, a bootcamp can be organized in a specific region, with selected partners and participants.

The yielding process for participants will be after initial registration based upon:
- Type of experience (business, engineering, research, mark com, …)
- Age of the innovators / innovation 
- innovation stage (idea, research project, prototype, early stage start-up, new line of business, ...)
- Type of business 
- Innovation ideas
- …

For registrations, please visit for a validation and interest. Schedule the date tentatively and we will be in touch shortly. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Preliminary Agenda Afternoon Monday, July 7th 

1. introduction, aim of the workshop 

2. introduction of the bootcamp drill sergeants 

3. drilling the market and indicating the direct opportunties

4. introduction of the bootcamp residents and ideafication 

5. applying the IPACSO guidelines and sensing the opportunities, creating the market 

6. the business models explained

7. sensing out the business cases

8. homework for the night 


Preliminary Agenda Tuesday July 8th morning 

9. Review of the Value Proposition and applying to the market models 

10. Go to market, a sense of reality 

11. Operations and delivery models

12. Your next steps

For registrations, please register at  for a validation and interest. Schedule the date tentatively and we will be in touch shortly. This will be on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, please contact the organisers at ipacso at 


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