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The IPACSO team has been contributing to EC NIS Platform WG3, on how to stimulate business innovation from within the research activities from within the FP7 and Horizon activities of the European Commission. In the document Business Cases and Innovation paths deliverable that was released recently (draft version only available online).

This is relevant in that innovation and research are linked and many large organisations and SMEs have already signed up to the NIS platform to keep abridged of activities in this area, policy recommendations, upcoming funding in this area. In reality mainly those already involved in NIS will be keenest to attend this event where the work of the NIS WG3 will be presented along with the market and innovation material developed by IPACSO. 

Purpose of this event is for researchers and business innovators to learn from some of the IPACSO results and outcomes in view of the future research perspectives and demand of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 platform.

To participate to this event, please register via the Eventbrite platform.

This event will take place on Monday March 2nd, in the European Commission DG CONNECT building.

European Commission
25B Avenue de Beaulieu 
1160 Auderghem



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