Schedule of Activities

LSEC coordinated the participation of IPACSO at the Mobile World Congress 2015, with a focus on Mobile Security Solutions. 

Cyber Security and Privacy applied to Mobile, trying to cover the plethora of challenges in Mobile Security. 

During the 4 days of the Mobile World 2015, 8 halls were focusing on the current state and future of mobile, including the latest handsets, wearables, wireless networking technologies and a lot of discussions and debate about the future opportunities of the mobile internet. 

MWC2015 visit flemish president

While today most wireless operator networks are still build to provide voice communications in the first place, there is no doubt that with the current 4G evolving to 4.5 and 5G networks, data has been taking over. Challenges for the future include discussions on 5G specifications, user identity and privacy, including the internet of things, discussions on future services and capabilities, and with security appearing in many of the discussions. 

IPACSO @ Mobile World Congress

With more than 100.000 visitors to the show, the LSEC team has been distributing a collection of mobile security solutions from the IPACSO partners, indicating the need for SS7 to application layer security. An end-to-end approach was of interest to both manufacturers, operators and other security technology companies from all over the world, that attended the IPACSO booth. A number of starting companies reached out to the team and showed interest in the IPACSO project, and how the project could support them in their ambitions to find their road to market faster. Many of them have expressed their interest and intention to participate and compete in the upcoming IPACSO European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards, taking place in October 2015. 

Interest from investors in both startup and already established companies, and a better comprehension of the value chain(s) of security and privacy, indicated the appetite and demand for security solutions, consolidation and future investment. 

The team has been in touch with more than 120 participants for further follow-up, on the future directions of mobile identity, 5G, investment, mobile security solutions, end to end concepts, and more....

On the third day, the Mobile Security Solutions focus at the Belgian Pavillion was visited by Flemish Minister President Geert Bourgeois, attending Mobile World and understanding about the need for focus on cyber security and privacy in mobile.

Summarizing and llooking back at the 4 day congress, the IPACSO team has been able to answer some prevalent questions from technology users with security challenges and looking for new security technology; raised further awareness and interest in cyber security and privacy technology as a business enabler for the mobile sector as a whole, connected with and inform investors looking for new emerging investment opportunities, and connected with the Government at the top - level, again emphasizing the urge for proper security and privacy solutions to protect its citizens and critical infrastructures but also emphasizing on the ecomomic opportunities the security market brings.

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