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With 8,000 visitors, a floor area of 4,932 m2 and 200 exhibitors with the Storage Expo & Tooling Event; InfoSecurity is the leading information security trade show in Belgium. The ExpoRoute offers security stakeholders an overview of the latest security technologies, products and services. And with keynotes from industry, security experts and authorities that are driving national and international research agendas; InfoSecurityBE is an event that you do not want to miss out on!

Join IPACSO at the Security Innovations Pavilion @ InfoSecurity

• A dedicated area of Europe’s most Innovative Cyber Security & Privacy Solutions
• Hosted by IPACSO
• Supporting Innovation and competitiveness of Europe’s Security Market

IPACSO is a EU Funded project aimed at increasing the development of innovative Cyber Security and Privacy - related activities in Europe. LSEC, a member of IPACSO, is a not for profit security cluster that has the objective to promote Information Security and the expertise in BeNeLux and Europe. With the Security Innovations Pavilion we continue to invest in European Developments in Cyber & Privacy, and recognize those who are bolstering Europe’s Security Landscape! In 2015, the pavilion will strike down at FIC2015 in France, The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and Infosecurity2015.

Discover the latest Security Solutions @ the LSEC - IPACSO Security Innovations Pavilion @ Infosecurity2015 Belgium

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Innovation: TrustBuilder® Identity Hub

Company: SecurIT

TrustBuilder® Identity Hub is a unique solution for solving the complexity gap in the multi-perimeter world of distributed and Cloud environments. It provides dynamic bindings between Identity Providers and Service Providers, while also supporting virtually any authentication mechanism and fully automated user registration. TrustBuilder is the first product combining Attribute Based Access Control with Cloud Identity Management, while seamlessly adapting the behaviour based on Context. Its flexible setup substantially reduces risk and maintenance costs.

Innovation: Dexguard
Company: Guardsquare

DexGuard is Guardsquare’s specialized optimizer and obfuscator for Android. Create apps that are faster, more compact, and more difficult to crack. DexGuard has you covered, automatically applying advanced application protection techniques. Regular updates make sure you stay ahead of hackers and pirates.

Innovation: Security Visualizer
Company: Kahuna

Is our network secure? Are we being targeted by cyber criminals? To what extend do we comply with our security guidelines? How effective are our security measures, re there new threats which are not identified by our current security solutions? Once a security incident has occurred: What exactly happened, for how long, what data and which customers have been compromised? With the Kahuna Security Visualizer the security and compliancy situation of the network can be visualized on a daily basis, within half an hour, without having any knowledge of technical details.

Innovation: Monitoring the unknown - New way of monitoring critical systems
Company: Unomaly

Unomaly is a new way of monitoring critical systems – data driven, self- learning and change oriented. It automatically understands normal behavior and detects incidents, problems and issues due to their anomalous nature. Unomaly does so by continuously consuming unstructured, raw and high volume event and log data. The resulting profiles enables up to the second awareness of changes and unknowns.

Innovation: Reven – Axion, Reverse-engineering process automation
Company: Tetrane

REVEN-Axion helps analyzing executable binaries by reproducing and automating part of the reverse engineering methodology. Much like an MRI would, REVEN-Axion provides an unprecedented amount of details about the workings of a software, works in a truly non-intrusive manner and does not require source-code access. The lowest layers of a piece of software are, by design, ignored by source-code analysis, and as such are of high interest to hackers. REVEN-Axion automates what is still a very tedious process, and helps significantly save time when analyzing binaries: it runs a software along with the whole machine context on its own symbolic CPU and performs its analysis process at the same time, almost at a hardware level - which helps gain a better understanding of those sensitive software layers.

Meet us at the Security Innovations Pavilion, get your free entrance ticket to InfoSecurity....and evaluate the latest in Cyber Security & Privacy Research and Solutions. Click on the banner below and get your free entrance badge, we are looking forward to meet you in Brussels

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