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Cyber Security and the Investment Markets - Then and Now

Just a few years ago, most investors believed that the cyber-sector did not justify significant venture capital attention or investments. Headline-grabbing, landmark cyber-attacks only started to receive attention some years ago; the IT environments had yet to undergo fundamental transformations in fields such as cloud, industrial Internet, and mobile computing. And Cyber Security was believed to be safe in the hands of predominately legacy solutions. As a result, many considered cyber security a space requiring a relatively low level of innovation.

But all that has changed! The increasing ferocity and scope of cyber-attacks worldwide, growing awareness of the problem, and the steady blurring of the lines between cyber security and our personal, financial, and national security has led to a significant global upswing in investment over the past years. The more connected we grow, the more vulnerable our “house of cards” becomes; and the need for disruptive security technology is unmistakably urgent.

Investors, Business Brokers and Support Organizations have to cope with the ongoing dynamics of the cyber security market. IPACSO aims to support them by (1) helping them understand the cyber security market better (2) provide practical guidance and actionable guidelines to include in their decision making process and (3) provide a platform that allows them to connect with specialized, innovative companies with high added value and global potential

Bootcamp: Cyber Security for Business Brokers & Investors
Join us, 12 October in Leuven, Belgium. To register please confirm your participation here

IPACSO directly supports companies exploring investment opportunities in the cyber security and privacy markets; organizing workshops throughout Europe. The bootcamps are delivered by a mix of successful business entrepreneurs, security experts and investors; and will improve their understanding of the dynamics of this maturing industry. Participants will be informed about the current market developments, value drivers, recent acquisitions, value propositions, inherent aspects of both the IT - and the Security domains, some technology backgrounders, major players offerings and multiples analysis.

Preliminary Agenda Monday 12 October

1. introduction, aim of the workshop
2. introduction of the bootcamp drill sergeants
3. weapons and ammo : valuation drivers and economic developments
4. introduction of the bootcamp residents and ideafication
5. sensing the opportunities, creating the market : IPACSO framework
6. business models and expertise explained
7. sensing out the business cases
8. Go to market, a sense of reality
9. Operations and delivery models
10. Your next steps

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