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Meet IPACSO at the 2nd annual Cyber Security Forum.

Bringing together over 250 delegates, the 2013 European Cyber Security Conference took place on the 16th May 2013 in Brussels.

The conference provided a platform for debate between the key policymakers and stakeholders involved in this field. The conference discussed the creation of a Europe-wide cyber security strategy, in response to the expanding threat landscape, in the context of discussions around the newly-proposed Network and Information Security Directive.The conference examined the potential for improvements in cyber security strategies through international co-operation and increased R&D, and creating a culture of cyber-resilience and risk management in the private sector.

The event focused on the European Commission's recently released Cyber Security Strategy, and the conference provided an opportunity to discuss the current challenges that are faced and the necessary policy, legal and practical actions required in order to enable citizens in Europe and beyond to continue to safely enjoy the benefits of a networked world.

For more information regarding the 2014 Cyber Security Conference please visit the conference website.

Practical : Tuesday March 25, 2014 - 08.30 to 17.25 CET - The Square, Mont des Arts, 1000 Bruxelles - Belgium




16:00 – 17:25
Session 4: Shaping the Cyber Security R&D Agenda in Europe
Having the correct policy framework in place is not enough on its own to ensure the security of cyberspace – it is also important to have the right technologies, expertise and coordination. In order to achieve this, a co-ordinated framework of strategic priorities and objectives for cyber security research is needed.

- What are the missing elements in the EU when considering the security of the full value chain?
- With the Horizon2020 call for trust and security research now open, what are the key areas in which an additional focus on R&D is needed?
- What is being done to promote R&D in key enabling technologies and tools such as security by design and cryptography?
- What can be done to ensure that the technologies and tools that are already in place are being utilised to their full potential, and is there a need for increased simplification and education?
- What efforts are being made by policymakers, industry and academia in order to define R&D strategies and contribute to research activities, and how can public private partnerships such as those developed under the NIS platform be encouraged?
- What collaboration models are in place to ensure that we are working towards a co-ordinated programme of cyber security R&D in Europe, rather than a series of individual projects?

Moderator: Peter Warren, Chairman, Cyber Security Research Institute

Ulrich Seldeslachts, Managing Director, LSEC (Leaders in Security)
Fabio Martinelli, Senior Researcher, Instituto di Informatica e Telematica, National Research Council, Italy
Luca Compagna, Research Architect, SAP Product Security Research
Martin Mühleck, Technical Officer, Trust and Security Unit, DG CONNECT, European Commission


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