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Given the highly fragmented and diverse nature of the PACs market domain, it is not surprising that a broad range of ICT players contribute to its overall makeup. This section highlights some of the key categories of player as well as identifying key companies in each. 

In its broadest terms, players participating in PACs are categorised into three key sub-groups in this section, with players within each of these categories profiled in more detail in this section:



ICT Generalists 
Given the increasing integration of PACs technologies in wider ICT infrastructure, as well as the systemic nature of cyber-related risks, it is not surprising that a relatively small number of key ICT players have a disproportionately influential role in the PACs value chain and security of overall PACs ecosystems - particularly in relation to consumer and enterprise use of ICT. Ungraciously perhaps, key industry analyst Bruce Schneier refers to this group as technology “feudalists” in a recent Harvard Business Review article, referring to the ever-increasing trust that users must now place in such technology providers (Figure 6.1) [SCH13]. When the PACs marketplace was less mature, security was sold in a more standalone manner and purchasing users bore much of the responsibility for installing it and maintaining its effectiveness. As ICT becomes more service-based around use of other infrastructures and services maintained by these key influencing third parties, users increasingly expect security for such related services to be provided “out of the box”.

Prominent European based PACS players
These companies are scoring highly on European ICT company ranking lists, such as the Truffle categorisation of key European software vendors . Many of these vendors compete in highly competitive mass-market PACs segments, particularly around anti-virus and malware prevention, as well as in the Firewall and UTM segments. Several of the prominent players listed here also compete in the Authentication and Access Management segments.

Specialist PACs Vendors (Global) 

These include prominently as leaders in global analyst evaluations for key PACs market categories in recent years. Revenues for companies vary greatly with most ranging from $100m+ up to the low billions. Given the strong link between network and security support, prominent networks players providing prominent PACs portfolios are also included here (Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper). Larger PACs players acquired by leading ICT players (e.g. McAfee) are also included.

Emerging PACs Players (Global)
While it is estimated that somewhere between 1000-2000 funded product-oriented PACs startups now exist globally, a brief highlight samples some emerging PACs players developing innovative te chnologies who have been receiving particular attention in the media and in investor circles. 

Defence Contractors
A relatively concentrated number of large contractors serving the needs of the Defence and Intelligence buyer account for a significant amount of revenues in the overall PACs space. Such players provide highly advanced bespoke solutions to key Defence agencies.



[SCH13] Bruce Schneier – “You Have No Control Over Security on the Feudal Internet”, Harvard Business Review, June 6 2013


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